If the World Was Raised by My Mom…

If the world was raised by my mom everyone would know that every dream they’ve ever had is possible.  They would know the limitless feeling that was instilled in me from a young age.  In our home we were raised to have a strong sense of self, to have an opinion on things, and to dig deep and work hard to accomplish what we really wanted in life.

My mom supported me through every challenge that crossed my path.  She was the first person to teach me how to read music, found my first piano and voice teacher when I expressed an interest in learning how to play and sing, and braved the crazy clique of moms involved in the choirs at my school.

She helped me understand what it was to take the high road in situations throughout my high school, college and musical theatre career and because of this helped me navigate through an intense competitive field with morals and a sense of staying true to myself.

Sometimes shy and never wanting to draw attention to herself, one of my favorite memories was when I saw her start a standing ovation at one of my shows a couple of years ago with a proud smile on her face.

When my interests started to shift towards teaching yoga both her and my dad supported that dream as well.  And even though she doesn’t practice yoga she shares my weekly blog posts with friends and family telling them they should check it out.

She has shown me an unconditional love throughout my life even when “lovable” was not the word to describe me, or my actions.

My mom is the reason I can sit here today and tell you that there is no dream I have not gone after and no boundaries on the road ahead.  She is the keeper and guardian of my dreams and a constant inspiration.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom – love until the end of all time…

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