Take a Chance & You Will Win

Ever since we moved into our new apartment last year I have been on the lookout for a papasan chair.  You know what I’m talking about right?  Those big dish like looking chairs that you can just immediately curl up in and read a book forgetting about everything else.  As this apartment is set up more like a townhouse it has a loft space where you can frequently find me trying to get into a head or handstand because we have yet to really put any furniture into it.  It’s just empty, unused space as of right now.

But as soon as we were officially moved in I knew that space would be the perfect place for a papasan chair.  For some reason I’ve always wanted one.  Even though my older sister had one years ago and when I mention it she has always tells me that its junk furniture.  That they fall apart and it’s something college kids want in their dorm rooms.

Over the past year I’ve been on the hunt, but every time I find one there’s a problem.  They have the cushion, but not the frame.  They have the frame, but it’s busted in two places.  The cushions available are hideous.  The frame available is a yellowish bamboo and I’m looking for more of a chocolate color.  The store had them in last week, but they’re sold out.  When I looked online the prices were higher and most places that sold them said they were only available in the retail stores.  Ugh.

But a couple of weeks ago I decided to make a list of the 3 main material things I wanted to bring into my life.  I wrote them down on a simple piece of paper, put them in a sealed envelope and wrote on the top, “Things the universe will take care of.”  I filed it away on the organizer on my desk and completely let it go.  The papasan chair was on the list.

The next weekend my husband and I were at a Chinese restaurant we have never been to before, having purchased a Groupon for it the month before.  The food was o.k., the restaurant décor was pretty, and the service was good.  It was fine.  Just a normal Sunday afternoon in the Chicago suburbs.  When we were presented with the check we were given our obligatory fortune cookies.

The thin white piece of paper folded inside my cookie stated, “ You will take a chance in the near future, and win.”  My husband laughed and said we should go get some lottery tickets, we paid the bill and headed out the door.

As we were about to get into the car I noticed a store nearby that I knew sometimes had papasan chairs.  “Let’s go in,” I told my husband.  He looked at me, smiled and said, “If you take a chance, you will win – let’s go get your papasan.”

We parked the car and headed through the doors where to my amazement they had 6 papasan chairs stacked right in the entrance with a sign that said, “Papasan Sale.”  They had cushions in every style and color imaginable.  A sales lady noticing our interest told us that since she had been working there she had never seen the papasans go for so cheap.  “If you don’t buy one today, make sure you do by Monday when the sale ends if you’re really interested.”

It was the perfect timing.  I had driven my SUV that night, so we were able to get it home.  They had the chocolate bamboo and the teal blue ultra plush cushion.  They were selling it at an incredible price – about $100 less than what I had seen them going for over the past year.  Everything came together without me forcing or manipulating the situation.  The papasan purchase was supposed to happen in that moment.

Funny enough this whole experience reminded me of many moments in the hot room.  How many times had I tried to force myself into a posture when my body wasn’t ready for the depth I wanted to go?  How many times had I witnessed my students doing the same thing?  And how many times had I experience that perfect moment when the body and the mind are in the same spot at the same time, the connection is made, and the posture is beautifully achieved?  Thousands.

The purchase of the papasan was blocked in many ways throughout the year.  Just like the realization of an asana can be blocked for any length of time.  If the chair cost too much, was broken in any way, was missing pieces – it could not be purchased.  If the body has too much stress and tightness, is broken in any way, or has missed certain cues in the dialogue it too cannot yet accomplish the goal of the posture.

The key is to be patient – to know that everything you want to happen for you, whether in the hot room or in normal life, is out there for you.  You just have to put some time and effort and state your intentions clearly and be ready to watch the magic unfold.  Everyday you must take a chance, so that someday you will win.

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9 thoughts on “Take a Chance & You Will Win

  1. My husband says that always – just be patient and things will work out as they should (but maybe not how you wanted or thought it should) and it pretty much always does. I find that I can be a ‘forcer’ and I am now learning to move more slowly and deliberately – and I have much more balance and security in my movements. And in my life. It’s crazy how pragmatic the world actually is if we just have the right mindset and are willing to be patient. As always, I love your posts.

    P.S. I have two other people coming to the hot room next week… mawhaha… 🙂

  2. I saw you posted a new blog a few days ago and opened it to read it, but didn’t get past the first paragraph. Came across it again today and was able to read it. Same sort of thing – you find the things you need when the time is right.

    This is what I needed to read, tonight. Thank You.

    I’m about to make a list of things for the Universe to take care of.. haha =)

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