Wrinkle Revolution

“Every lesson learned a line upon your beautiful face” – from “Get Out the Map” by The Indigo Girls

This is one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite groups.  And as I grow older, year after year it means more and more to me.  I am like every other woman who, at first in their early 30s, begins to notice the tiny lines beginning to form across my forehead and at the corners of my eyes.  And in turn panics, runs to the nearest beauty counter and shells out an enormous sum to turn back time and erase every line.  I would stop them in their path – these wrinkles.  And as I stopped them from forming I would not be growing older, I would not be progressing on this journey.  I could stay 27 forever.

But then that gets old.  Who wants to stay 27 forever?  There has to be some change.  And…I rather like my wrinkles.  Especially if the above line from the Indigo Girls song is true.  If every line on my face is a lesson well learned, why do I want to look like I’ve learned nothing?  And at this point as I head into my later 30s I would rather be authentically me at this time in my life – lines and all – than constantly trying to repeat this younger version of myself.  And no matter what your cure all may be for wrinkles, whether it be diet, cream, or injection, you will be getting older. So why not embrace that?

When I really think about it the women in my life that inspire me day after day are beautiful to me because they are comfortable in their own skin.  They have found a way to enjoy the journey of their life instead of fighting against it.  It’s about living life to its fullest.  Getting every last drop of wonderful out of this earthly existence and not spending any precious time wrapped up in something as tiny as a wrinkle.  Because when I’m 80 or 90 or even 100 I want to look at my face in the mirror and see all of those beautiful lessons and know that I went after every dream and tripped down every avenue possible.  That fear might have stopped me in my tracks for a moment but did not stop me from living out my life in the fullest way.

And though some of you may be thinking, “What is she rattling on about?  Isn’t this blog about yoga?”  I say to you, “Yes, this is about yoga.”  Because when you start practicing yoga you start to find yourself.  Not the self of yesterday, or the pretend self you put on for other people, but the real Self.  That cool essence of you that can make yourself laugh at your own jokes and enjoys sitting with yourself quietly as you reflect over a cup of coffee or a really great book.

With each yoga class we look for her or him.  We see our Self in the mirror there before us, breathing, stretching, pulling, as we move from pose to pose.  And it is in these classes we learn the most valuable lessons of all.  We learn self-acceptance, self-confidence, balance, and how to conquer our fears.  We learn how to be present as we enjoy each and every moment of this incredible gift of life.  And we learn the best miracle cure for aging is to be open to everything around you and to consistently reach for every possibility.

Wrinkles and lines are inevitable but you can have them show up in the right place.  Smile more, laugh often, do things you love, release stress and toxic situations and go after the life you find yourself daydreaming about.  It’s up to you to create this story and the gift of this journey is yours alone to take.  What are you waiting for?


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