10 Confessions of a Yoga Teacher

  1. I think everyone, and I mean, everyone, looks about eight years old when they put their hands over their head for the first set of Half Moon Pose. We are all so vulnerable as we move through class. It seems to boil us down to our very essence. It’s the truth. That’s what makes it great.
  2. Sometimes while I’m leading class I feel like it’s extra hot in the room, but I would never say that to you as you are practicing. If I do, that will be the only thing you think about – the heat – and it might not seem the as hot to you.
  3. Every single student has a posture that when they are able to achieve it, I will be completely overwhelmed, tear up, and feel an immense amount of gratitude to be a witness to their process. These are also the most amazing moments of being a yoga teacher.
  4. Sometimes the only reason I get through every posture in the Bikram Series is because I know the students are watching and I want to be everything they expect me to be. The students push me as much as I push them.
  5. No matter what you think of my practice, or my class, I know I have a long way to go on this yoga journey and am completely humbled with the trust of my students and fellow teachers.
  6. I do meditate, read spiritual texts, and am constantly thinking about the yoga, but I also enjoy a good glass of wine, like to feel pretty, and have a sweet tooth.
  7. I honestly do believe that you can achieve the standing splits in Standing Bow Pulling Pose, can bite your toes in Final Stretching, and see your feet coming over the top of your head in Bow Pose. There was a time when these things seemed like absolute hooey to me as well, but as the yoga has changed my body I have gotten closer to achieving these goals and now know that they are possible.
  8. When I am taking class instead of teaching it, I am not watching your practice at all. I might notice group energy or if an entire class looks at the floor when they take that step forward in Balancing Stick instead of continuing to focus in the mirror, but I don’t notice individual practices. It’s my time to concentrate on my practice. So, don’t freak out if my mat is next to yours. I’m not watching you.
  9. There are days I don’t want to practice, but I do anyway. I know I will feel better afterwards and thankful I came to class. To stay compassionate for my students, as well as, humbled by the yoga, I believe a teacher has to continue to walk through the fire on a daily basis.
  10. I believe in taking breaks. Everyone needs a day off at least once a week, needs to skip a posture now and then, or break the mold of their everyday routine. It is within these breaks that we can reflect on how amazing this ever turning, ever changing journey of life truly is.

Do you have any yoga confessions?

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24 thoughts on “10 Confessions of a Yoga Teacher

  1. I worry about my feet bothering other people at times (I walk bare foot all over the place so my feet, whilst clean, are often a bit on the dark side, and I have cracked heels) – then other times I think “I don’t notice anyone’s feet when I’m practicing” OR it’s part of the yoga process to not let those silly things bother us.

  2. As a teacher, when practicing – sometimes I just want to yell out Bikramisms but I know that only the teacher would appreciate them.

    When the teacher says “push, push..” I then want to yell out “IN THE BUSH”.

    Or I feel like asking the others why they don’t want the prime real estate at the front.

    Complaining that its too cold in the room. I’ve done it and people always groan.

    Silly stuff like that. But no, as a teacher I could care less about your costume, practice, if you’re wearing makeup. Really – I’ve seen it all!

  3. I feel like a small child still learing all the time in the hot room…as I watch my grandchildren learn to do new things they become elated at the smallest progress and I too become elated when I notice the smallest progress of my practice. I like being a kid! There’s freedom in it!

  4. In my “home” studio in Boston I pick my spot in the room based on certain yogi’s and yogini’s that I believe give off a positive energy that helps me through the class. Some are good friends, others just acquaintances that I think give off a positive vibe. By the way, practicing next to an instructor pretty much guarantees positive energy IMHO!

  5. I love this post! As someone very new to the practice (4 sessions so far) I am still very self-conscious and awkward so it’s reassuring to hear the comments on here. Thanks, I’m really enjoying your blog. 🙂

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