Stretching Your Boundaries

“We didn’t come here to do what we’ve always done.  We came here to do things we never believed we could.”

This statement slipped out of my mouth the other day while teaching class.  I’m not sure where it came from or if there is some cool, famous yoga rock star that I stole this nugget from, but as it passed through my lips I knew it was true.

You come to the yoga class to go past your limits, to release the boundaries you’ve set up in your mind, and to prove to yourself that you have unlimited potential – not only with your practice but with your entire life.

As I look back on my practice there are so many things that the instructors told me were possible that I never believed were possible for me…until they started to happen.  Standing Head to Knee Pose eluded me for years, yet now it has finally clicked.  Everyday in the room is now one class closer to locking out in standing splits in Standing Bow Pulling Pose, and the first time I saw my feet come over the top of my head in Bow Pose I was sure I had imagined it, yet it happened.  It is actually all possible.  Possible for everyone to achieve their personal goals in their practice and translate those lessons to go after their life goals.

After I left the class the statement above I had used to motivate my students echoed in my brain, pinging around for the next couple of days and I began to see the truth in the words.  We could go through the motions.  We could stay comfortable.  But as we practice this yoga we decide to take leaps of faith that we never dared to before.  We start to ask questions about the circumstances of our life and begin to clean out the closets of our mind, resulting in choices that have us all reaching for something better.  Reaching for the life we always dreamed we would live.

Most people start a yoga practice to get into shape or to heal an injury.  And that’s a great place to begin.  But it’s just the first step.  Be prepared for a journey full of self-discovery that will not only shift the energy in your life, but the lives of all you come in contact with.

What have you achieved in your practice that when you first began seemed absolutely impossible?  Has this effected your life outside the studio doors?

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