1 Year Blogiversary

I can’t believe a year ago today I pressed “publish” on my first blog post for VIEWS FROM THE PODIUM.  I honestly had no idea what I was doing or why I felt compelled to do it, but the rewards of writing and sharing my experiences as a Bikram Yoga instructor, practitioner, and my past experiences as a musical theatre actress are hard to express.  It has given me the opportunity to teach outside of the 90-minute classroom, as well as, heal up my past and question and examine the present.

Each week I hear from students all over the world, as well as, my own little corner of suburban Chicagoland that tell me how certain posts made an impact on their life and their yoga practice.  This continues to be one of the most humbling experiences for me – that the words I lay down might have made a difference to someone’s journey.  It’s also surprising to me which posts have made that impact.  So, today I thought I’d celebrate this first blogiversary by listing my personal top 10 posts.  These are the ones that meant the most to me, not necessarily the ones that were most popular, out of the 53 posts that published over the last year.  To help me celebrate I would love if you could tell me what your favorite post, or posts, were either in the comments section or on the Facebook Page.  This will help me know what kind of posts you would like to read in the year to come.

Tori’s Top 10 Posts in No Particular Order

Your Light Will Shine When All Else Fades

Never Underestimate Your Ability to Make Someone Else’s Life Better

The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose

This is How Yoga Works…

Proof is in the Picture

The Plague of the “Happy Whens”

What I Wish You Knew…Things you never realized about your yoga teacher

Let Your Truth Be Bold

It’s a Lucky Life

You Are My Greatest Teacher 

Thank you to everyone that has supported VIEWS FROM THE PODIUM.  Your comments, shares on Facebook and Twitter, and continuing readership has been nothing short of amazing!

Much love and light,


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