Do Your Yoga & All is Coming

A couple of weeks back my husband noticed I was acting a bit crazier than normal. When he asked what was going on I replied I was trying to figure out what the next big thing was. “What are you talking about?” he then questioned me. “Well, I need a new goal, something to work towards and I’ve been trying to figure it out for the last couple of months, but I have no idea what direction to take.” And then, a tad exasperated, this fabulous man of mine said exactly what I needed to hear:   “Can’t you ever just be content?”

Huh. Content? That gave me pause. I am happy, but am I content? This took me some time to contemplate. To be content means to be happy just being, with no need to strive to cultivate more. Content also means that you know whatever is meant for you is already on its way. The next chapter or challenge will be delivered shortly, so why not just enjoy the moment?

As the days passed by I continued to ask myself if I could just enjoy being content? I am type A by design. I need to be working towards something. I love a goal or a challenge. I dislike taking the easy road or just letting life pass me by. I want to relish every moment, turn over every stone and examine every situation.

That being said, I decided maybe I should give content a try. When you are happy (I mean truly happy – not needing anything more or feeling like something is lacking in life) maybe you should just enjoy it. This does not mean I’m laying around doing nothing. I’m actually incredibly busy and have work and obligations that must be tended to. I just enjoy it all, do the work, get as much done as I can in a single day and let it go.

When I was taking class today I was reminded of this conversation with my husband and my new vow to be satisfied and content as the teacher discussed the topic of just doing the yoga. Whether it be good, bad, beautiful, or ugly, the fact that you came and took the time to go through it is everything. To be fulfilled and happy where you are in your practice at this time, no matter what you can actually achieve within a given posture is powerful.

Each day your yoga practice progresses. Even on the days when you want to run screaming from the room. In fact, probably more on those days than at any other time, as you develop mental toughness and realize that you are capable of more than you first imagined.   As long as you are truly working hard, giving it your all, have discipline within your practice, and refuse to give up on yourself, everything you wish for the health of your life is on its way.

Do not worry about the girl next to you in the standing splits in Standing Bow Pulling Pose or the guy that rocks out Locust Pose like its his job. That is their practice. And though you might not believe it, your practice is just a beautiful and inspiring. The trick to it all, in or outside of the yoga studio, is to simply do your yoga and with it welcome everything meant for you in this life to come your way. Be content with you are. Find your happy place and be open to every encounter. You never know what magic will enfold within your life’s journey.


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14 thoughts on “Do Your Yoga & All is Coming

    • It definitely is an art – one I am not good at though! I usually spend my days making sure no one could ever say I am a lazy person, but as I get older I am realizing how nice it is to just be. The yoga has definitely helped with this! Hope you are having a beautiful day as well 🙂

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