Gratitude’s Grace: 1 Word & 1 Posture at a Time

I write very little about my writing job. Maybe because there’s not much to say about it. Basically, I write for a gifting company. They send me images of their products, I give them a snappy name, write a short description and that’s about it. But it isn’t. It seems like a simple job right? But the thing is it’s very difficult to come up with fresh names and new ways to describe something that will make others look at that product and think, “Yes! That’s exactly what I want to send to my mom, dad, sister, brother, best friend, lover, and second cousin twice removed in honor of this, that, or whatever occasion we are currently celebrating.” And though this is not the only writing I do for this company, it is the bulk of it, as I also write articles and handle PR requests for them going into high volume holiday times.

But what I love most about this job is that I can do it from anywhere. It went hand in hand with my acting career and now it works perfectly with my yoga teaching schedule.   I teach, I practice, I come home, and write. It’s truly something to be grateful for as it keeps me creative, forces me to write everyday, and best of all, I get to do it from home, or wherever I am at the moment.

Though….. there are days that this job can push on the walls of my peace. There are deadlines to meet, people to please, and times when the creative juices are just not flowing. There are times when communication is not at its best and the work I thought I had completed was not what my employers were looking for at all and I have to go back to the beginning and start from scratch. But long ago I made a deal with myself that my only goal was to serve the company, do my best, and never get too attached to the words that I write. If it’s not what they are looking for, there’s no point in arguing with them, you change it and try to make it better.

And there are plenty of times where I don’t get it right. These can be frustrating and mind-boggling as decisions are made without my knowledge and I need to bend and flow as the direction of a project evolves into something else entirely. And it’s these times where I begin to the Work. Not the work of writing, but the work of yoga.

It would be so easy to get frustrated, throw my hands up in the air, and blame everyone involved. But whenever I start to get agitated over a writing project I ask myself what it’s really about. It’s not the writing. I love to write. Is it the product? Do I just not relate to it? Or am I just feeling the pressure of a deadline? Am I overwhelmed by the amount of projects I have to complete this week? And usually as I search for the answer I notice something about the comforts of my home or my current walk with my dog that makes me take a breath and realize how grateful I am for this great gig where I do not need to go to an office everyday, but instead have an opportunity to do it in balance to everything else that has shown up in my life.

And gratitude is all I need. It gets me through the tough assignment or the crazy workload. It reminds me that finding a better fit for another job aside from teaching yoga would be hard to come by and what a blessing this life I have been able to create for myself truly is.

But that is what the yoga has taught me. There are classes where I feel agitated or I have the, “Ugh, Pranayama Breathing again!!!??!” thoughts drift through my mind. And then suddenly I realize, usually around Eagle Pose, that I’m in it all the way through to the end anyway. It’s going to be 90-minutes of hard work, but it will be worth it. And with it comes gratitude. For the class, for the teacher, for the heat and humidity, and the people surrounding me as they share their energy with each breath. I am grateful for having found the yoga, that I have the time and opportunity to practice it 4 to 5 times a week, and that on top of it all I get to share it with others. For yoga has brought peace, balance, and acceptance into my life and I can only hope it will find it’s way into the heart of each and every student.


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6 thoughts on “Gratitude’s Grace: 1 Word & 1 Posture at a Time

  1. The other night I was at my friend’s house – in his garage looking at his new bike and it was probably 103 degrees in there (literally, it was 105 that day) – and at first I was feeling really grumpy without the fan or swamp, but instead of saying anything, I just let myself sweat and realized 30 minutes later that I didn’t notice the heat at all. That’s an enormous change in me – prior to taking Bikram, I’d have had to leave the building or requested a fan- unable to focus on our conversation b/c I was so distracted about being uncomfortable. Now – I might notice it initially, but then pretty quickly, it’s not something that distracts me and I can cope with relative ease.

    In general? I have a much longer fuse, more concentration, I retain more that read and I can sing longer… I can also bike up hills with much more ease, my skin is better, my friends say I “glow”, I always feel very fresh and clean, I look forward to challenging myself, my writing/creativity flows a bit more, I have more confidence in myself and my abilities to work on a long-term goal. So, really, just about everything. I have also made so many friends from the studio – and they feel like my family – they open their hearts to all the yogis that practice and we all support each other without it being cliquish (sp). There is no ‘one up-man-ship’ (that I’ve noticed) about who has a better pose – we just all want to practice and have a good class.

  2. Yoga has helped me in so many ways! I’m more patient, giving, and calm! Last summer I was finishing my masters degree, needless to say most days I left school in a panicked state of mind. I think I went to yoga EVERY SINGLE DAY last summer. I’d go straight from school. I’d walk in with my mind racing stressed about grad school. I’d leave yoga in a calmer state of mind. That summer my husband (and I) really learned that yoga was a huge part of my- our lives.

    The other people in my masters programs had breakdowns and freak outs. I never did.

    One day during that summer I was on the phone with my husband stressed and he said exactly what I needed to hear. He said “this is why you do Bikram yoga, to be comfortable when you’re uncomfortable”. So true!! I was stressed and miserable, but I just needed to breath and be calm and know that it will pass. Like in yoga class, you have to be comfortable (or accept) the heat and move past it.

    I’ve been practicing about 6 times a week for almost three years. I can’t imagine my life without it!

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