Get Lost & Find Yourself

I used to work in an office. A big corporate, cubicle filled office. The walls were grey, the chairs were black, and it was ultimately quite dreary. Of course, this was just temporary work. I’d be clicking along on a project, get a call from my agent and be out the door as quick as I could to the next adventure. But the agent didn’t call everyday. There are times where auditions are frequent and times when they are few and far between and so there I would sit and file, or gather info, or call vendors, or do whatever I could to help.

It was a great gig. I liked the people. I liked the work. And I loved the flexibility of it all. Towards the end of my time there I was working with a contractor they had brought in to help with a new marketing campaign. He was a nice guy and knowledgeable about the demographic we were trying to pinpoint. His ideas were fresh and he had a California cool look about him that gave him some authority when discussing how to reach the consumers in new ways.

Now this is the thing, I don’t even remember his name and in total I probably spent 2 hours of my life working with him. But there is something I will never forget. One afternoon as I was dropping something off at his desk he looked up at me and asked, “So, I hear you’re an actress?” with an interested look.

“Yes.” I replied, “Mainly a musical theatre actress and I do some print work as well,” wondering what this was all about.

“What does your husband do?” I am obviously married and talk about my husband all of the time.

“He’s a middle school music teacher.”

And this is when his face melted into a smile. “A teacher. That’s my dream job. I always wanted to be a teacher, for some reason I always believed I could make a difference…that that is what I am supposed to do.”

“So why don’t you teach?” was the only response I could think of.

His reply was something about not knowing where to start and he already had a career and it would be a lifestyle adjustment.

I just nodded and smiled, but as I walked away from his desk I remember feeling kind of sad for him. He knew what his calling was – his face lit up when he spoke about it, his speech changed and became upbeat and excited – but he turned his back on it because it wasn’t exactly the comfortable choice.

Now, I’m not judging this man, in fact I don’t even really know him. But I do know that if you have an inkling that you should be on a different path, you’re probably right. So many people are searching for their life’s purpose. “What should I do with my life? “ is commonly uttered under the breath of millions when deep in their gut they know exactly what they should be doing with their time.

As yoga teachers we get to witness this all of the time. How many times have you heard the story of someone that takes up yoga to then suddenly quit their job or career and go in a completely different direction? Often enough.

And why is that? Well, yoga is more about getting a good stretch or losing a few pounds. It’s about getting real with your Self. It’s about facing your doubts and fears, learning what you are truly capable of, and understanding, maybe for the first time, that you are more powerful and valuable than you ever dreamed.

Sounds like an adventure, doesn’t it? Well, it should be. But when you gaze in the mirror and start to look into your own eyes everyday, seeing the body change with each drop of sweat, each inhale and exhale, you can’t help but let the heart of your journey change as well. When you step into embracing who you really are you start to focus on the dreams left well behind maybe in your childhood days. You remember how much joy there was in creating – stories, pictures, songs. Maybe you played, “school” all day with your friends acting as the teacher or couldn’t get enough science when you were young wanting to be a doctor until something took you in another direction.

If you love your life embrace it – what a gift! But if you hear that inner voice urging you to take a new journey don’t ignore it. You might just get everything you ever dreamed about. You might just get happiness.

(photo credit:  Kenneth Cratty/Digitalphotosnet)

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5 thoughts on “Get Lost & Find Yourself

  1. Really enjoyed your post. I’m at a crossroads and not sure what path to walk down, but I know I can’t go back. I feel sad for the man too. To know what you want and not go for it. Such a shame

    • So glad you enjoyed the post! Enjoy your crossroads right now – it can be an exciting time as you reach for the life you want. Whatever the choice, you know in your heart which way you should go – take the leap. Thanks for reading!

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