Energy Flows Where Intention Goes

Sometimes the hardest thing you can be is happy for someone else. I struggled with this intensely throughout my acting career. It was so difficult to be happy for other actors when they began to achieve what I wanted to achieve – booking roles at dream theatres, playing that part that is on your bucket list, or getting noticed at that print call that pays a small fortune. Time and again I’d find myself slapping an ear-to-ear grin on my face and congratulating friends on their success while my mind crawled with jealousy, thinking, “How in the heck did they get that role? What am I doing wrong?”

Over the years I began to realize I really wanted to be happy for these people that were achieving some success in my field – not only on the outside, but in my mind and my soul as well. I was starting to learn about energy and the Law of Attraction, as well as, the Art of Allowing, and became a student of the Course of Miracles, discovering the more I appreciated where others were on their path the more I could appreciate where I was as well. When I was truly excited and happy for others’ success, I was aligning myself with their energy and cultivating that kind of happiness and success in my own life. It wasn’t always easy at times, but I was happier and attracted better situations and higher energy people into my life year by year.

By the time I found myself in the yoga studio I had already started my spiritual schooling, meditating each morning for over 2 years. The yoga was something I thought could deepen my spiritual practice. When I became serious about the yoga, which happened years after that first class, I got exactly what I asked for – a deeper spiritual practice. Did I have an out of body experience? Did I come to some deeper understanding of the universal plane? No. The yoga brought up every single thing that I disliked about myself and others. It tested my every resolve, made me uncomfortable, made me truly face myself, and challenged me mentally, physically, and emotionally. That damn Standing Head to Knee! How was everyone around me getting into it while I could barely hold onto the foot for a full minute?

And that’s when I used what I had learned years previously in my acting career. Each day I would clear the expletives out of my mind and grab my foot, dealing with the throbbing in my legs and lower back that I thoroughly deserved from my dancing days while my beautiful friend next to me would seriously rock the entire posture out. Every time I would have to come out early I would catch a glimpse of that gorgeous pose, smile, and think to myself, “Some day it will happen for you.” Day after day, year after year I would practice this way until one day… it did.

And that’s what we all need to realize. If one person can achieve a posture, there’s no reason why it’s not possible for you as well. It might take awhile. It might take longer than you want it to, but I can guarantee the entire process will be worth it.

We are all on the same path. If you read this blog week after week I’m assuming we all have a dedicated yoga practice. We might be on different points on the same path, but we are all making the journey. It’s funny how when I was an actress I would get crazed by people who were further along on their journey than I was, but now that I teach yoga the only thing I wish for those I teach is that I hope they surpass me on this path. I want you to learn your lessons quicker than I did and learn your true potential. You are more than this body. You are limitless. Seeing others grasp this inspires me to be more, do more, and continue to journey on. I’m merely the witness, but I have to admit, it’s the best view anyone can get.


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