Second Set: VFTP is Celebrating It’s 2 Year Blogiversary!

2 years!  I can’t believe it!  Time has flown as I clicked away each week on whatever was banging around in my head.  For some reason 2 years ago I decided to create Views From the Podium.  It seemed like a natural thing to do, though I had no blogging experience and was still pretty new to teaching Bikram Yoga. The title of the blog seemed to float into my mind effortlessly and each week I’m surprised I still have something to write about!

This year VFTP saw a lot of changes.  With the web redesign I’m realizing this is more than just a a Bikram blog, but a lifestyle blog for those of us who love to sweat (and even for those of us that hate to sweat, but do it anyway because you can’t deny how great you feel afterwards…).  When you begin to hit the hot room day after day you start to reach for healthier choices outside of the studio as well, which is I why I wanted to start the Off the Mat Chats Column by contributing friend and yogi Jane Hill.

I also wanted to inspire you to keep going even when you might feel very little progress is being made.  This brought about the Transformations page where students can submit their thoughts on how Bikram Yoga has affected their life.  Sometimes a testimony for positive change can help inspire positive change in the lives of thousands, or even millions.  It takes a brave soul to contribute to this page and I am proud of each student that has decided to be a part of it!

Coming soon to VFTP will be a new addition to the Beyond the Podium series in which I interview Bikram Yoga teachers that have taken the yoga outside of the studio walls in some way to bring about positive change for a specific community and the world at large.  At the end of February or early March I will be featuring Jeanne Heaton from One Posture at a Time – you won’t want to miss this story.  Also, coming to the blog is a new Product Reviews Column in which I will be letting you know what I think of great products on the marketplace geared towards hot yoga lovers.  In the next couple of weeks look for my thoughts on the new Hoga Mat – which is being released next week.  I’m excited to give this mat a try!

Most of all today I want to say thank you to all of the readers out there!  Without all of your comments, letters, and enthusiasm for the blog I’m not sure if I would still be clicking away each week.  Please know the letters and messages I receive are not just forgotten.  Yesterday in honor of the 2-year blogiversary I started combing through them and printed out the ones that touched my heart, pinning them to my board so I can look at them when I’m wondering why I write each week and need a little inspiration myself.


So thank you!  This has been such an incredible experience and I couldn’t have gotten this far by myself!

Much Light & Love to each and every VFTP reader,




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