You say what? Yogis say the darnedest things…

Sometimes the loudest and craziest part of my day is the half hour before and the half hour after I teach class.  The check-in desk is buzzing with students coming in or heading out, asking questions, and telling stories.  It’s fun and rewarding to be part of their day and listen to what’s on their mind or what they are up to outside of the studio. The more you practice yoga, the more open you are, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the things I hear every week.  Have you ever said one of these sentences to your yoga teacher?

I took the day off to make sure I made my yoga class. This happens more often than you might think.  Students take a personal day away from work and find themselves sweating it out in the hot room.  That’s the best kind of way use your time off!

I quit my job/am leaving a bad relationship/am moving. A regular yoga practice can help you get in touch with what is working in your life, as well as, what is not. I can’t tell you how many people I know have started practicing yoga and then about a year into it decide they no longer fit into the life they had before the yoga. Change can be scary, but it also can be exhilarating. You never know what life may have for you around the bend if you take a leap of faith in the right direction.

Ugh…Someone took my spot.  You really don’t want to have a spot.  I remember when I first started practicing I would show up before the class before would even let out to ensure I would be able to practice in my favorite place in the room, but it’s best to let that all go.  I still have a place I like to practice in the hot room, but if I can’t remember the last time I moved to a different location I can’t practice there that day.  When you choose a different place in the room you might find you suddenly get corrections you never heard before because the teacher can see your practice from a different angle.  It’s a benefit to change it up often and not get stuck in a rut.

I’m no longer in pain/off my medication/haven’t been sick at all this year. You are taking care of yourself in the best way. The yoga has helped you deal with any ailments and is making you feel stronger and more flexible in every corner of your life. Awesome.

I love the gear!  I’d like to buy a mat/waterbottle/cute yoga clothes. You are starting to invest in your yoga practice. Sometimes buying gear can be an incentive to keep going. When I was a runner sometimes I would buy a simple pair of new socks that would make me want to strap on the shoes the next morning and try them out. We treat money as energy in this society. What we spend our money on and how we treat those things says a lot about how we feel about our lives and the things we surround ourselves with.

I don’t weigh myself anymore. You feel good. You look good. Your jeans are looser. No need to weigh yourself – you are not a number.  You are much more than that…

I hate my shoulder/hips/stomach/neck/knee/lower spine…they are holding me back from going further in the postures. First of all, you should never send hate thoughts to your body.  Your body works around the clock and is an awesome machine and tool that we get the use of for this lifetime.  Second, if you are tighter or have injury in a certain part of your body that is the message from your body to you that you need to change something in your life whether it be the food your eat, the exercise you get, or even the people you hang out with.  Be kind to your body and have compassion for yourself.  At this moment you and your body are exactly where you need to be to learn the lessons you need to learn in and out of the hot room.

On vacation I hunted down the closest studio so I can get my yoga fix. Addict. Yes, you are an addict. But it’s the best kind of addiction! It’s always fun to take class while you are away to experience a new teacher and a new space. In Bikram Yoga it might always be the same sequence of postures, but every studio has their own vibe and it’s good fun to share your practice and energy with a different community.

When I was hanging out last night with my yoga friend…. Like attracts like. You not only want to do yoga, you want to talk about it and share your experience with someone else. Some of my best friends on the planet I met at the yoga studio and I love when I hear students talk about hanging out with someone they met at the studio or see pictures of people on Facebook out doing stuff together that has nothing to do with yoga.

I have a ton of energy lately. That crazy yoga energy! What to do with it all? Suddenly you have the time to be present, sit and talk with friends and family, read a book, sort through all of those stacks of god knows what on your desk, or start a new hobby. Go out and use all of that energy to live the life you’ve always dreamed of – you won’t regret it!

Teachers?  What did I miss?  What do you hear week after week at the front desk?

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6 thoughts on “You say what? Yogis say the darnedest things…

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    This great post from another Bikram teacher shares some thoughts I’m sure we all think, but need a reminder to say out loud a bit more. Check out more of what she has to say at

  2. Really great post. I’m reblogging it and sharing with my 60 day challenge group, we are all front desk staff at our home studio doing this together so we relate especially well to a lot of this. Thanks!

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