Today is Your Best Day

I think I’ve written before about how I used to wake up cranky and complaining each morning. I am a morning person and have always functioned better first thing in the morning rather than later on in the day, but for some reason I would wake up with a mouth full of curse words as I opened my eyes to the day ahead. I didn’t even notice it really. My husband was the one that pointed it out and urged me to turn it around.

Within a week I would wake up each morning with a happy song on my lips and high expectations for the day ahead. And honestly it completely changed my day. But then last week I was listening to some interview somewhere and someone that has lived a lot longer on this earth than me and most likely experienced a whole heck of lot more than I have, stated that they begin every day with the thought, “This is the best day.

“Mmmmm.” I thought. Is that even possible? Every day cannot be your best day. There are good days and bad days and it’s all about working through each moment, right? The thought bumped around in my brain for the rest of that day as I contemplated this thought.

So, then the next morning I tried it. “Today is the best day!” my mind exclaimed as I opened my eyes and peered through the tiny slits of my blinds to predict what was going on outside, still laying snug in my bed with my husband starting to stir next to me and my dog cuddled in tight to my side. I was instantly grateful for my home, my warm bed, and the dog and man that create my tiny family. As I padded downstairs in recently purchased blue slippers that are so much better than the slipper socks I swear I loved until I realized how warm your feet can actually be and started making my coffee, finally waking myself up with each line of my favorite author’s newest book, I couldn’t help but feel another wake of gratitude flow through my body as I anticipated the day ahead.

And that’s pretty much the way the entire day unfolded. It was honestly the best day. I had fun teaching dedicated students in the hot room, unexpected money showed up in my mailbox, the sun peaked out during my afternoon walk with the dog on a bleak winter day, and I was able to get things done that had been on my to-do list for quite some time. The best day!

“But how to top it?” I thought as I settled into bed. Can every day truly be our best day? I was skeptical. You can’t maintain that forever. But the next day brought more of the same greatness, fun, and happiness. Maybe I was onto something.

The more I thought about it, the more I understood. It’s not that every day is going to be full of every good thing we wish to come our way – maybe it is, who am I to say? – but if every day we choose to put our best foot forward and work to be our best Self, open towards learning new lessons, then of course, every day is our best day. This is the best version of you available to deal with whatever may be thrown your way.

I often say to my students, “Show me what you know, so that I can teach you something new.” If every yoga class is an accumulation of every yoga class you’ve had thus far, then your practice shows me what you’ve learned and what you have yet to learn about the yoga. So in this vein of thought, every time you step into the hot room that should be your best session. And yes, even if what you need to do that day is take a seat and take care of yourself, or learn that you need to back off instead of push forward – these are great lessons to learn about compassion for your Self that at times can be humbling and hard to take.

If you are purposely holding back, or not making that correction in the posture that the teacher has given you time and again, then you are blocking your greater good in your practice and probably in the events that happen outside of the yoga studio, as well. How we treat our yoga practice is a direct reflection on how we treat each facet of our life. That is what makes it such a powerful practice.

So, today is your best day! Embrace you life, have gratitude, and rise to every occasion. You are the best version of you that there is in this moment.


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9 thoughts on “Today is Your Best Day

  1. Love this. I used to wake up with curse words on my lips as well. I’m so grateful that that’s a changeable habit — it really does affect the rest of your day!

    • Glad you liked it Addison! It definitely is a changeable habit, but now with the anticipation of your best day ahead I feel like it completely ups all of the good stuff headed your way. Hope you have a great week ahead!

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