Home Sweet Home: How You Know You’ve Found Your Home Studio

I first heard the term, “home studio,” when I was preparing to go to teacher training. All of a sudden I was referring to the studio where I had first practiced yoga as my home studio when asked by fellow trainees or the people on staff where I was from. At this point I had practiced all over the country, seeking out a studio at every town I found myself in throughout my performance career, but the studio I’m referring to had signed off on my capabilities to survive training and had let me know that they would put me on the schedule when I got back. I had friends there and knew the teachers well and this was the place I had first fallen in love with yoga – fallen so hard I was ready to make a complete overhaul of my life to teach it.

But when I got back from training my home studio didn’t really exist anymore. It was changing its name and format and insisting that I could only teach at certain studios that they approved of in the area. As someone that had been a self-employed contractor throughout her entire career, as an actress and also as a writer, I had never heard of anything like that before and was uncomfortable with someone making those decisions for me. We parted ways and wished each other well, but I knew it was the right choice even though I felt a bit like a yoga orphan having lost that link to my beginnings. Thankfully a new studio was opening up not too far from me and I had other opportunities in my area where I could teach at that time.

Looking back, 3 years later, making the gut decision to no longer teach at that first studio was the best one I think I’ve ever made. There is a lot more to calling a studio your home studio than I thought. Yes, the first studio meant something to me, but the studio that took me in after that supported me in positive ways, creating an environment in which I was able to become not only a better teacher and student of the yoga, but an overall better person as well. Always listen to your gut instinct, I have yet to have it steer me wrong.

So, take stock. Have you found your home studio? Here are a few ways you know you’ve found your good vibe tribe…

  • You can’t wait to get there not only for the yoga, but also because of the people you get to chat with before or after class.
  • You are there before the doors open for class and leave while the teacher is locking up.
  • You feel comfortable asking the teachers for help or advice.
  • You leave your stuff behind like you live there, constantly asking at the front desk if your water bottle/mat/towel/entire shower bag/and even shoes are in the lost and found.
  • You are Facebook friends with the people you’ve met at the studio and chat back and forth on the studio page from your home, office, or school carpool line.
  • You meet with the people you’ve met at the studio for lunch or other social activities.
  • When you see someone left a mess you throw their empty water bottle/crumpled up tissue/food wrapper in the trash without even thinking about it.
  • When you are on vacation or traveling for business you get your practice in at other studios in the area and when you come back to your home studio you say, “It was a nice studio, but different. We are so lucky here.”
  • You feel loved and supported by the staff, teachers, and fellow students.
  • Even if you moved and lived a world away, you would still refer to a particular studio as your “home studio.”

VFTP readers:  What do you love about your home studio?


Let’s hear it for my home studio! Dedicated to Bikram Yoga South Naperville in honor of their 3rd Year Anniversary.

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7 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home: How You Know You’ve Found Your Home Studio

  1. I love this article! And here I was, thinking I was the only one that did the first two dot points, haha. I love my home studio and my yoga family!

    • So glad you liked it! No – you are not alone…there are always a few cars in the parking lot before I even get there to turn the lights on. I love that students can’t wait to be in that space of acceptance and friendship. Thanks for reading and for your thoughts on this…so glad you have a wonderful home studio!

  2. So glad to call BYSN my home studio! I totally know what you mean about being “orphaned” I felt the same way when my original studio closed down, but you know how they say some doors close so others can open?? It’s been almost one year that I’ve practiced at my “new” home studio and I can’t be more thankful! Beautiful studio, friendly fellow yogi’s, wonderful owners and OUT of SIGHT teachers! Seriously EVERY teacher I have had has been awesome–You can feel the passion they have for the yoga, they aren’t just going through the motions. Great article Tori! 🙂

  3. Love this Tori! Your description of a “home studio” is spot on. I’m going through a similar experience to your’s post training and would add that sometimes the training experience itself changes you, and what you need from a home studio.

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