Who Do You Think You Are?

I often think, “Who do I think I am?” writing week after week, the words pouring from some place inside. What makes me write this stuff time and again, at times trying to shine a light on a different way of seeing things or trying to find the words that will inspire someone to make a change that will have them reaching for a better life in some way? I am certainly not a yoga master, or a life master for that matter. I am simply someone on the journey. So, I guess the only answer to why I write is: I am compelled to do it.

If ten years ago you had told me that I would be on any other path than pursuing my career as a singer and actress I would have laughed, but also been somewhat horrified. If you had then told me that I would find my days filled with hours of writing, not only for you Readers, but for the companies that seek me out to be the voice of their website or product you might have had me interested and amused. But if you had told me that the yoga I had just began to practice would be something that would march into my heart and change every bit of my life forever, turning from a once in awhile practitioner to not only continuing student, but instructor as well, I would be speechless. “Really, I teach yoga?” I would ask.

The thing is no one ever knows what life will hold. The average life today consists of childhood, college, career, marriage, parenthood, and retirement, but so much more can happen in between the cracks of each milestone. Or maybe you decide, or life does for you, that one of these milestones are not in your destiny and find that as you say no to one thing, new possibilities open up that make you say yes. Life is everything but predictable. So why do we always think we know what’s going to happen?

We do it everyday. Our calendars are jammed full of the activities and appointments that lie in our future. We think we know what not only the week holds, but each hour of each day. And yet, so much happens in between the cracks.  Wouldn’t it be fun if we simply enjoyed the ride? What if we expected to be surprised each day? Maybe with that expectation you then would actually be surprised by what life can bring.

There is one common thread that has been pulled through the phases of my life – I never know what each day holds. Each day is very different from the next. Actress, yoga teacher, and writer, makes for the expectation that the day has no expectations. Hopefully something good will happen, and if something distasteful or uncomfortable takes place instead, you roll with it, breathing and experiencing each moment as it passes.

I guess my wish for you all this week is to ask yourself the question, “Who do I think I am?” What are you compelled to do with your life on this earth? Is it what you expected? Does it make you happy? If not, change it and soon. Don’t wait. It’s your life. Make it your masterpiece.

And, if you don’t think you are enough for that life you wish you had, please know you truly are. You have always been enough.


8 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You Are?

  1. I just love the way your words seem to come into my mind at just the right time.



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  2. I had a complete meltdown last night worrying about how I am going to get everything done, finance my studies, survive — I am terrified of the control I feel I have relinquished, even though in fact by doing so, I am so much closer to where I want to be. Your words hit the spot — of course I can’t control what will happen in the future. I can only control how I feel right now…

  3. Not knowing what each day holds–love that. On the days when I can really let go, let go of expectations, of control, those are the days when life gives me the sweetest surprises.

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