Summer Wrap Up

Each day I see the faces I haven’t seen all summer step through the studio doors.  They have a timid, do you remember me?  kind of look to them that always makes me smile, as if  I could ever forget the students that share their practice with the yoga community throughout the school year in summer’s 3 short months.

It doesn’t matter where you teach, summer classes mean smaller classes as everyone heads outdoors towards their summer adventures and I find that this is also reflected through the amount of readers coming to the blog.  Then suddenly towards the end of August, probably right before or after you decide to take that first class back I see more and more visitors stopping by the blog to see what they may have missed during those summer months.  So, with that in mind, this week I thought I would put it all in one spot for you.  Click on what you may have missed or reread your favorites.  If you know someone that would relate to a certain post, share it with them and pass it on.  I am grateful for each and every person that continues to read, comment, and spread the word about VFTP.  Summer may be over, but the hot room is always there, ready for you to return.

VFTP Summer Blog Posts


10 Life Lessons That Teaching Yoga Has Taught Me


Strike a Pose


Coffee Conundrum


The Beauty of a Break


Perfect is as Perfect Does


6 Reasons the Best Place to Be After Your Vacation is on Your Mat


Is Bikram Yoga All You’ll Ever Need?


Beautifully Broken

Off the Mat Chats Column by Jane Hill

This column is devoted to the fun stuff we talk about at the studios:   natural remedies, nutrition, products we’ve fallen in love with, and the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle in and outside of the studio.


Take the Plunge!


Message in a Bottle


Sunny Side Up!


Virtues of Vodka

Beyond the Podium Column

This column is dedicated to Bikram Yoga Instructors that are out in their community making a difference to bring about positive changes in our world.

Reverse Warrior IHeartWilmington©saritzrogers-3

Jill Weiss Ippolito of Uprising Yoga


Rachel Kuhn of Fee the World Yoga Tour update

And don’t forget to check out the latest stories added to the Transformations Page!


Happy reading VFTP Community! Look for a new post next week….


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