Tell Me What You Love

Last week I was scanning through articles on the web that discussed Bikram Yoga and yoga in general, when I happened upon a post that I had read many times before. Now, I haven’t read this exact post before, but there are so many out there like this one that it felt all too familiar to me and… I groaned.

The entire post discussed why you should never participate in a Bikram Yoga class. It cited obvious reasons – the heat, the repetitive sequence, and hydration concerns. The author of the article then went on to say that there were studies that backed up each claim they were making, yet there were no links to these studies and any mention of where you could read them for yourself and form your own opinion.

Now, I’m not coming down on this writer. I think their heart was in the right place. This person probably took a couple of classes and decided it wasn’t for them. The thing is, Bikram Yoga, or even what would be considered “hot yoga,” isn’t for everyone and that’s okay.

I personally am not a fan of Vinyasa Yoga, but I would never tell someone they should never take the class. I still take a Vinyasa class now and again, even though the word Chataranga has the ability to make me instantly angry. (I acknowledge that I have some work to do here 🙂 ).

Most instructors of any type of yoga would agree with me on this one: All yoga is good yoga. If one type of yoga works for you and makes you feel better and more relaxed in every area of your life, I am sincerely happy for you. Yoga is awesome. I hope you continue on with your practice and bring a friend or two with you to class now and then to spread the word and share what you love no matter what the discipline.

There are so many articles, video clips, and tv shows out there that focus on what the creator of it dislikes or even hates when it comes to different fitness activities, with hot yoga being a popular topic. I’m writing this week to ask that we all start writing and discussing about what we love instead. If you think Tai Chi is the answer to all of your life’s problems, write about that, spread the word about your love of this activity and help anyone that reads it to possibly fall in love with it or give it try because of your words. Stop telling people what they shouldn’t do and lead with the positive love you already have in your heart for the activities you do each week.

I guarantee you, a thousand articles, or news stories, won’t stop the people attending class that have found a happier, healthier, saner person in the hot room, so why take the time? I would be much more interested in that article that raved about that marathon you ran, the Forrest Yoga class you take on Sundays, your newfound passion for pilates, the Vipassana 10-day meditation you participated in, or how you are head over heels for Crossfit. Lead with your passion and let the world know what opens your heart in the hopes that this same path will open other’s hearts as well.  Be an inspiration for those around you, lift others up with your journey, and watch every area of your life respond with the positive energy you are radiating.

The thought manifests as the word. 

The word manifests as the deed.

The deed develops into habit.

And the habit hardens into character. 

So watch the thought and its ways with care.

And let it spring from love, bourn out of concern for all beings.


4 thoughts on “Tell Me What You Love

  1. I have run into the anti-Bikram type before, and my stock answer is “whatever you do, it’s better than being on the couch!”

    Recently, I added a Pilates Mat class to my routine – and I love it – it and Bikram really complement each other. But I did encounter one teacher who was both anti-Bikram, but anti-yoga. She was loud and vehement, just like my complaint to her boss.

    So, I love Bikram; I love Pilates Mat; I love exploring whatever city I am in on my feet; I love spending time with friends and family…the list goes on.

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