10 Years of Yoga

Year 1:  It’s hot.  It’s loud.  It’s bright.  There is so much sweat.  I dropped 3 pounds in one session!  Best work out of my life.  My favorite posture is Standing Bow Pulling Pose.  I rock that pose.

Year 2:  I’m getting good at this.  Move over sweetheart, that’s my spot in the front row.  You are not going to want to miss my awesome posturing for the next 90-minutes.  I might lock out into standing splits soon in Standing Bow.  It’s going to be the best day when that happens!

Year 3:  I need to try something else.  This can’t be all there is to yoga.  Bikram can’t be all there is to it.

Year 4:  Holy Crap!  I love Bikram Yoga.  After a year away trying other disciplines of yoga I realize this is all I need.  I missed the structure, the discipline, and the heat.  All yoga is good yoga, but this is my yoga.

Year 5:  At the studio 5 to 6 days a week.  My mind is clearer, my body is toned and flexible, and I have a posse of yoga friends.  Standing splits in Standing Bow?  Not yet, but it’s coming along!

Year 6:  Teacher Training?  Really?  Yes!  Teacher Training.  Preparing for the greatest physical and mental challenge of my life. Yoga is not simply a hobby, or a great workout, but a passion and I can’t wait to share it with others.

Year 7:  Learning to lead instead of follow.  Time outside of the studio is spent finding the answers when I don’t know them. My energy is for my students first, but I still hit my mat 4 to 5 times a week.  I now understand I have a ton of work to do in Standing Bow before I ever lock out in standing splits.

Year 8:  I have more to say than 90-minutes could ever allow.  Would it be weird to start a blog? Who would read this thing?  Who cares?  If you have something to say, say it.  If you’re called to do something, do it. Standing Bow?  I’m almost there – can’t wait!

Year 9:  Always searching for ways to learn more.  The better the students get at the yoga, the better I want to be, not just for myself, but for them.  They deserve the best.  I cannot stick Standing Bow to save my life.  Fall out, get back in, fall out, get back in. Ugh…

Year 10:  Still so much to learn.  Still so much time to spend in the hot room.  Still so incredibly grateful for this path in life. Standing Bow? Falling out, sticking it, not locking out yet, close but no cigar…guess what?  I love myself anyway and after 10 years I realize…that’s what it’s all about.


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4 thoughts on “10 Years of Yoga

  1. Haha, yep sounds like I’m on track with Year 4 (although I’m actually still at the tail end of Year 3, chronologically speaking…). I’ve had my pushy days in the front row, my long break, my prodigal return, and now I am just desperately TRYING to get to the studio a few times a week despite work dragging me off to China.
    (Also whilst of course I talk a lot about Standing Bow, my real obsession is Triangle… that’s the one I research endlessly and scrutinise every millimetre of!).

    • Most people go through the first four years like this – I witness it every day. Then the story starts to vary, but really we are all made of the same stuff. And believe me, I wish Standing Bow was my only obsession – it’s simply my nemesis right now and then that will change on I’ll obsess about something else. Good to hear from you Rosie!

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