A year ago I started working on my first book.  A year ago I had no idea what a huge undertaking it is to write your first book.  There have been snatches of time where it all falls into place and times where I stare at the computer screen with nothing to say.  There have been times that I couldn’t wait to spill it all onto the page and times when I resisted the battle by cleaning my entire house from top to bottom.  I am still nowhere near being anywhere close to finishing.

Last week I decided to peek back at chapter one, thinking maybe I need to review what’s been said since I had no idea how to proceed on the current chapter.  There are parts I still like about the opening of the book, but so many things need to be expanded on in order to make a book that would be actually enjoyable by someone who reads that after a couple of hours of work on it, I left for the studio grumpy and somewhat deflated.

Standing in line at the bathrooms before class, a student came up to me and seemingly out of the blue thanked me for the blog, telling me she loved reading it each week and is always looking forward to the next installment. I thanked her in turn for saying such kind things about it and for taking the time to read it, knowing that was the little lift from the Universe that I needed at that moment.  It was almost a whisper of, “Just keep going.”  And I hope that as that student recognizes this moment that they know that they helped me out more than they could know on that day.

So many things went into that tiny moment.  I had decided to take that class at that studio that day and so had the student.  I was lingering in the locker room instead of getting in some extra back bends before class.  She felt comfortable enough to say something to me instead of letting the moment pass by. The one thing that she was completely unaware of was that I sincerely needed to hear her words that morning.

Throughout our day we have the power to lift others up.  To say, “Hey, you really matter to me and I appreciate the work you do in this life and the place you hold in the world.  What you do makes a difference.”  Many times I have had people lift me up that come out of nowhere with their kindness and spur me on to reach for even greater things.  What I would like to do this week is pay homage to everyone out there that has given someone else a little boost.  It doesn’t have to be some grand gesture, but maybe they turned things around for you by offering a compliment or letting you shine in some way.  I’m hoping more than a couple of people will take part in this, but if not, I gave it a shot and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Below is the image for this week.  It’s easy to grab, just right click and save.  Since it is November and here in the States we are getting closer to the Thanksgiving holiday in which we celebrate and have gratitude for everything that has been brought into our lives, I thought it would be fun to let those people who gave us a boost know that they made a difference.  Take the image and put it on their Facebook Page, Instagram account, or Twitter with the hashtag #thanksfortheboost.  Let them know how appreciated their kindness was and maybe we can encourage others to lead with kindness throughout their day.

In a world in which we often can feel like our lives don’t matter, it’s time to let everyone know that even the tiniest gestures of kindness and compassion DO MATTER. I hope you share the love, but if not, I hope you are the love today instead.

“Life is not a path of coincidence, happenstance, and luck, but rather an unexplainable, meticulously chartered course for one to touch the lives of others and make a difference in the world.” – Barbara Dillinham


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