Repeat After Me: I Am Limitless

Do you feel limitless? Or do feel like there is only so much good to go around and everyone only gets a small piece of it, if they get any at all?  I’ve been asking myself this question lately.  I’ve sat with myself in the quiet hours of the morning and argued the question of, “What’s this life stuff all about?” for at least the last 10 years.  I’ve felt limitless before and I’ve also felt as if some things will never happen no matter how much I wish it so.  But lately…my bet is on limitless.

The thing is I think we all get so hung up on crazy stuff that really doesn’t make a difference.  We spend our time worried about whether people like us.  We worry about whether a photo of us shows too many of our wrinkles or if our hair looks good or could look better.  We worry that we’ll never lose those 10 stinking pounds that hang on to our hips and our tummies.  We worry.  And really we worry for no good reason.

People will like you and not like you.  The ones that take the time to get to know you will probably like you.  There will be people that don’t take the time.  That’s okay.  Ten years from now you will look back on the pictures of you from today and think, “Not bad! What did I ever complain about?”  Realizing you had everything you needed to live up to your potential and build on your dreams. If you only got out of your own way.

I know because I get in my own way enough.  I have spent enough time getting to know myself to realize when this happens though.  I can see myself sabotaging all of the good stuff coming at me and at times can’t stop myself.  But lately…I’ve decided to believe in a world and life that has NO LIMITS.  Anything can happen and I believe it will all be good.  As I’ve been saying to my yoga students for the last week in class.  There is no good or bad yoga.  There is simply try or not try.  This is also true in your life.  There is no good or bad when it comes to the life you are creating.  There is simply try or not try.  If you want something bad enough you will try.  You have to truly want it though and go after it.

I’ve been battling with what I really want when it comes to writing my first book.  I started a year ago and I still feel like I am at the very beginning, though I have made some headway.  I agonize over whether I’m telling the story the right way or if people will actually read this thing or what people will think of me when and if they do read it.  Last week I was so frustrated I almost called it quits.  But I decided I do want this for myself.  I want to finish this book and have people read it, like it or not.  Like me or not.  Stopping right now would make me full of regret a few years from now when I could say, “Look, I did that!  I never thought I would, but I did!”

I think I learned to persevere through the negative self talk that drifts through my mind through my yoga practice.  How often have I thought, “I will never be able to accomplish that!” when working on a posture and then proven myself wrong.  It’s about believing in your own potential – not giving a damn what anyone thinks of you but what you think about yourself.  And it’s about changing those thoughts around that float through your mind that don’t do you any good.

When I stand in the hot room and meet my eyes in the mirror I use this time to cheer myself on instead of tear myself apart.  It’s not always easy.  The voice inside my head used to be so, so cruel.  It would say, “Not good enough. Not smart enough.  Too tall. Too big. Too much.”  When I finally heard what it was saying, and took notice, I decided I could choose a different voice.  We always have a choice.  Now while I practice I choose to think, “I am strong.  I am talented.  I am beautiful. The Universe supports me. I am limitless.”

It makes a difference.  What you concentrate on during your practice winds up weaving itself into every fiber of your life.  If you decide today to turn around any limiting thoughts that have crept in, that self doubt that always gets in the way, you never know what amazing things are around the corner, hidden and ready to be realized in your tomorrows.

What is one thought you have about yourself that if you turned it into something positive could change your life?  Join the discussion below or on the Facebook Page.


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