Prayers for Paris, Prayers for Peace

I awoke this morning to find my Facebook news feed filled with images, news stories, and hashtags stating, “Prayers for Paris.” What an awful tragedy this is and how helpless we feel in the wake of it.

We are not totally helpless though.  What I’m wondering most this morning is did everyone that took the time to post something to the social media channels in support of Paris and the victims of this tragedy, in fact, actually pray about it?  As a society is it enough to post a picture to Facebook or Twitter and then move on with our daily lives?  Or did the people that posted actually take some time to sit in meditation or prayer and send love and healing thoughts to that part of the world?  There is a difference.

Tragedies like this seem to be hitting the headlines with more frequency these days.  We claim to want peace.  To have peace we must be the peace.  How peaceful is your life?  Do you hold grudges or hate in your heart for others?  I know I have a ton of work to do in my own life to cultivate peace, as we all do.  I hope we all can move towards more peace in our own hearts in order to show others that peace is possible.

One thought on “Prayers for Paris, Prayers for Peace

  1. Nicole and I loved your words this morning. Peace be with you.

    Lou Fasullo

    It’s hot yoga… you’re going to sweat. It’s not a yoga mat, it’s the Hoga mat, it’s better.


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