10 Reasons Why You Should Roll Out Your Yoga Mat on Thanksgiving Morning

The holidays seem like the perfect time to take a break from your yoga practice, right?  You are busy and there is already a time crunch as you flit from place to place to get everything just right so you can enjoy this upcoming Thanksgiving weekend.  I get it…but here are a few reasons you should make your yoga practice a priority this coming Thursday in case you are having a hard time deciding what would be best for you:

  1. Yoga helps you connect with your body so you don’t overindulge, but enjoy the food of the season.
  2. You have a chance to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to your yoga family.  These are the people you sweat, breathe, laugh, and cry with all year long.  Coming together on a day devoted to gratitude to practice something you love is a wonderful way to celebrate this holiday.
  3. Connecting with your breath lets you take stock in the basics, helping you feel gratitude for the things we take for granted, such as every inhale and exhale.
  4. Yoga will help you dump your toxic thoughts about what the day will hold.  Worried about Uncle John starting a political debate at the Thanksgiving table?  Or maybe you have a relative that makes you a little crazier than normal.  Yoga will help you observe the crazy instead of become the crazy, releasing anxiety and tension with each backward bend, pull, and stretch.
  5. Yoga will help you realize that you are not perfect, but perfectly you, and maybe this Thanksgiving isn’t about having the perfect meal and the perfect family, but enjoying everyone and everything as they are.
  6. The calorie burn. Let’s face it.  This holiday includes a huge meal.  Yoga is about much more than calorie burning, but it is one of the benefits.
  7. Your time on the mat is a time to spend with yourself to express your gratitude not only for your yoga practice, but for all of the blessings that your life holds at the moment.
  8. It is a chance connect to what is really important:  breathing, stillness, being in the moment, and listening to others.
  9. This is an opportunity to share something you love with visiting relatives and friends.  Take them to the studio or show them the latest moves you’ve incorporated into your home practice.  Yoga is meant for everyone.  You never know if you might inspire someone you love to take up their own regular yoga practice.
  10. If you practice you will know that you took time for yourself, you made yourself a priority, and now you can take care of everyone else.  Not just on Thanksgiving, or during the holidays, but every single day.

Happy Thanksgiving VFTP Readers!  I hope this holiday season offers you peace, abundance, and a time to make heartfelt memories you will always cherish.


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