What to Do When You’ve Got a Case of the Yoga Blahs…

Yesterday, after teaching a 5:30am and a not exactly stress free weekend, I stuck around the studio, as I normally do on Mondays to take the next class at 8:30am.  I usually find myself with about a half hour to burn in between classes in which I work on my back bends, hip openers, and a few other postures, but for some reason I was sick of yoga.  It happens every once in awhile.  You simply cannot face one more Half Moon Pose and can’t imagine doing one more Locust.  So, instead I sat down with a book and indulged myself in the author’s language and storytelling and waited for class to start.

I still didn’t feeling like taking class, but I did anyway.  I really don’t have a choice.  After a couple of days without yoga I’m not only cranky, mean, snarky, and anxious, my hip also hurts like hell.  Yoga is my medicine like so many other students.  And at the end of class I was glad I had stayed and gone through it.

But what do you do when you have that “I-simply-cannot-yoga-today” vibe?  Here are a few tips I’ve acquired through the years that make me roll out my mat once again even when the yoga blahs hit hard:

Take a break.  One day off is not going to kill you.  Two weeks off won’t even kill you, but you probably will feel much better if you get back to your practice.  Sometimes you need to break the routine.  Go for a run.  Trying a kickboxing class.  Maybe go for a long walk without your phone.  You’ll be happy to get back the studio in one or two days.  A break isn’t the end of the world.

Try a different style of yoga. I love Bikram Yoga – that’s no surprise to any of you.  Sometimes I like to give a different yoga class a try.  It challenges me and opens me up to new ways to going deeper in certain postures.  Usually, after this class though, I can’t wait to get back to the hot room.  It reaffirms for me that Bikram Yoga is the yoga that I love and I need to stay the course.

Go to a posture clinic, seminar, or retreat.  This is always a great idea.  It renews your interest in your yoga practice and you usually walk out of there with a few new thoughts on how to approach the postures.  I am always on the lookout for a good posture clinic!  A few hours with someone who knows more about the practice than you do is worth it’s weight in gold.

Read a yoga book.  Reading about someone else’s journey with the yoga can help to inspire your own.  Some of my favorites include:  “How Yoga Works,” by Roach & McNally, “Light on Life,” by B.K.S. Iyengar, “Lucky Everyday,” by Bapsy Jain, “The Mighty Cobra & the Pink Rabbit,” by Miss Pink, and “Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi,” by Brian Leaf, to name a few.  There are tons of books out there on the subject.  Pick one and get inspired.

Go out with yoga friends and (gasp!) not talk about yoga. There are other things in life people.  Yoga is supposed to help you enjoy your life to the fullest.  So often you go out with your yoga posse and don’t get to know about their life outside of the studio.  Learn about their family, their passions, and connect in a new way.  You will then be going to the studio to connect not only to yourself, but to true friends that have come to mean the world to you.

Go get a new yoga outfit.  This is my favorite.  Sometimes you’re sick of looking at yourself in the mirrors in the same side string shorts and sports bra.  If you’re feeling blah about practicing sometimes a new outfit will get you back to the studio.  It sounds silly, but it works.

This morning when I woke up I was ready to roll out the mat once again.  The feeling of of the yoga blahs had dissipated without too much trouble this time.  Maybe it was watching my students go deeper than they had before in the class I taught last night, or that message that a VFTP Reader wrote to me last week about how the blog inspires them to keep up with their practice, or maybe I know that I simply feel better if I get out of my own way and continue on this journey.  I was lucky the feeling went away as quickly as it did, but my hope this week is that all of the tools in my arsenal will help you overcome the yoga blahs when they happen to you.

Have a great week! Get inspired and get to class…


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5 thoughts on “What to Do When You’ve Got a Case of the Yoga Blahs…

  1. Love this Tori! I’ve done all of these, except for the new yoga outfit deal……but I DO have a new mat arriving tomorrow 😊 The only bad class is the one you don’t show up for…..

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