‘Twas The Night Before Christmas At VFTP

’Twas the night before Christmas, at Views From The Podium

All classes are over, no studios open

  The HOGA Mats washed and dried with care

In hopes the next yoga class soon would be there

 Yogis were nestled all snug in their beds

Knowing good things come to those who sweat

For Bikram fanatics, what’s there to do?

Please click on the links, for a year in review

 I’d just settled down with a warm cup of “Joe”

When all of a sudden, a clatter arose

I sprang from my laptop, and froze in my pose

 It was the blahs of yoga, they come and they go

A bend in the back and a twist of the spine

Soon gave me to know, everything was fine

As I came to my senses, please repeat after me

You are always where, you need to be

A year filled with yoga, and gifts galore

There’s always a best day, life lessons, and more

So I lit up my screen, and clicked with my mouse

 I knew it was time, to applaud the spouse

The gifts of gratitude are always in season

See amazing transformations, and check out Jeanne Heaton

There are product reviews, to pick and choose

And off the mat chats, with things you can use

 A terrific life lesson I learned from my dog

Couldn’t resist, it’s going on the blog

What was it like, your yoga today?

Beautifully broken, or over the top

Sometimes it takes us, oh-so-long, but perfect is as perfect does

Tell me who you are, and tell me what you love

 Now taking her yoga wherever she goes

Ms. Kuhn feeds the children, while striking a pose

The many faces of yoga, they all start to blossom

The good, the bad, and the totally awesome

And then in a twinkling, I remember thinking

In the timing of life, there’s always a reason

Ten years, ten reasons, and our practice grows

Knowing energy flows, where intention goes

 So on my way Om, I looked at the changes

The things that happen, and the way we see them

It’s been a good year, all the way through

Perfect yogi, game changer, and the dreaded plateau

I don’t have much, but it’s more than you think

A calm breath, open heart, and a hula hoop trick

  But the best place of all, is Om Sweet Om

The darnedest things said, we’re never alone

 And sometimes, we practice incognito

Or change the world like Jill Weiss Ippolito

So cheers to us all, for all we’ve achieved

Whether bending back deeper, or locking the knee

Our own special way, to be happy and free

It’s just like having, the best Christmas tree

As I peek in review, I vow to you,

What matters most, is how you see you

It’s all up to you, whatever you choose

And I’d be remiss not to say, thanks for the boost

’Tis the season of joy, time to reflect and partake

Knowing the very best thing, is a beautiful break

Soon a new year will flow, time to build something new

Unbreakable, unshakable, unstoppable you

So I spring back to bed, and shout a goodnight

Hitting savasana, for the rest of the night

 Most of all, thank you for reading

May peace and joy be yours for the season

And everyday forward, it’s the best place to be

A very special thank you, from VFTP 

 One more thing, as I turn off the light

Namaste to all, and to all a goodnight



This oh so clever post was written over the past year by my dearest friend Jane Hill of Off the Mat Chats fame!  Thank you Jane for the best Christmas gift a blogger could ever ask for!  Hope you enjoyed it VFTP Readers – happy holidays!

3 thoughts on “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas At VFTP

  1. OMG!!!!!!!! I am so honored. Holy MOLY THAT WAS AWESOME. I love Views From the Podium! I am so honored to be apart of your posts, and then as I am reading this, there was my name! I was flabbergasted! Love love love you and all that you do for our communtiy, Tori. What a clever post Jane Hill!!! xoxo

    • So glad you liked it Jeanne! Jane Hill is the best – I was so excited she did this for the end of the year wrap-up – it’s so clever and included all of the best from VFTP – including you! Thank you for everything you do to make this world a better place – Much love ❤

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