How to Fix a Broken Yogi

I must admit life isn’t always easy for me.  I often think that most people that witness my life from the yoga studio or from the blog think that it must be all sunshine and rainbows over here.  And though most of the time it actually is, I too have decisions to make and life goals to consider and can get completely stressed out and exhausted at the thought of it all.  At times, everything seems to be changing at a rapid pace, but also too slowly for me to do anything about it.

Life is like that.  You are going along thinking everything is great.  You wouldn’t change a thing.  And then suddenly new air flows through the cracks around the windows of your life and you begin looking at your day to day and seeing it with fresh eyes, knowing that things might be okay, but they also could be better.  That a new phase of life is on the horizon.  What to do?  Especially, when you are the one trying to lift others up and, yet, you feel so incredibly unsure of your own footing, that it can be hard to shine the light and show the way.  What I found is that more than ever it’s time to put the tools you learn from your asana practice to work.

  1. Make yourself a priority. Life has to be about you until you figure everything out.  No extra commitments. You have to hit the mat every damn day.  Allow yourself to feel the feels.  Don’t feel like you have to do things the way you were doing them before.  If you can open up your schedule a bit – do it.
  2. Get quiet. I realized I had completely slacked on my regular meditation practice.  Yes, I practice yoga and yes, we do say that the Bikram Series is a moving meditation, but there is nothing more healing than silence.  You and your breath, eyes closed and connecting with, well, everything.  It’s the best.  January 1st I sat down on my meditation pillow and found myself back home. I have yet to miss a day.  In fact, if I haven’t gotten to it by midday I find myself actually craving a good sit down with myself. It is a habit like anything else and it is undoubtedly worth it.
  3. Listen to happy music. Make a playlist of songs that always make you smile and turn up the volume. Music has always been a healing therapy for me and on days that were rougher than others, music has been a go-to source of inspiration for living the life of my dreams.
  4. Surround yourself with the good people in your life. When you are trying to figure out life you don’t need to be around the naysayers or the people that will stomp on your dreams.  I gabbed on the phone with my parents, took long walks with my husband, and rambled on and on to my great friends in life.  This should not only be true when you are working things out for yourself, but every day. The people you spend your time with are a culmination of how you see yourself.  Do they have compassion?  Will they gossip about you?  Do they secretly love that you are stressed out, or are they helping you through, waiting to see you through to the other side?  Choose your people wisely. Not everyone is on your side.
  5. Stay away from more drama. Some people love drama, gossip, and feeling like they are in the middle of the “story.” This is not the time.  Actually, it is never the time.  Have boundaries with these characters.  They are not bad people, but they may not be the best companions through those, “What am I doing with my life?!!” moments.
  6. Start saying yes to new adventures. Sometimes you are pushed to look at things differently in order for you to reach for something that was truly meant for you. Say yes to fun.  Say yes to love.  Say yes to new dreams.
  7. Always say no to things you don’t want to do or have no passion for. I made a commitment to myself a couple of years ago to say no without guilt to anything that I knew in my gut wasn’t going to make me happy.  Sounds selfish?  Too bad.  Saying no allows me to say yes to what I want.  Your time is a valuable commodity.  Do not waste it on people or events that don’t add to the beauty of your life.  People may not like you, but not everyone is going to.  Let that go.  The people who love you will understand when you have to say no.
  8. Help others. I find that when I focus on the needs of others and help them out in some way, small or big, that my stuff gets to take a backseat for a little while.  This helps you gain perspective, which could lead to some big revelations about what your next move in life should be.
  9. Get rid of what you don’t need to make room for the things you do. I have been dropping bags off at Goodwill every week. If you have more than enough, give some of it away.  Cleaning out the closets gives you room to reap further abundance in your life and makes space in your mind for something new.
  10. Know that the Universe has your back.  When your life gets uncomfortable it’s the Universe tapping you on the back and letting you know that even better things are around the corner.  Change is generally good, but we fear it won’t be.  Why?  Embrace change.  It’s time to become an even better version of you.  Take the leap.  It’s time.

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