All You Have to Do is Show Up

Back in my acting days I had a friend that was monstrously talented, but hated to audition.  To tell you the truth, most actors hate to audition, but it’s the way it works.  You show up, you audition, and then you are entered into the data base of possible casting choices the director, choreographer, and music director must eventually make when choosing who they want to work with on this project.

Inevitably, this same friend of mine would often groan when they were not cast in a production.

“I could do that,” they would say. “That role was meant for me.”

“Did you go to the audition?” I would ask.

“God, no. You know I hate to audition.”

Do you see the disconnect here?  All they had to do was show up and give themselves a chance.  They had to march into a room, usually lined with white walls and mirrors, and nervously stand before a table of people judging their every clothing and hairstyle choice and sing, or do a monologue, or attend that dance call…but they didn’t, so the choice was already made. They were not going to be cast and they would not do that show. They never took the chance on themselves, so they never received the opportunity.

I find the same mind frame shows up in my yoga students from time to time.  They want to feel better, they are stressed out, they have an injury they are trying to heal, they have gained a few pounds, and yet they stop coming to the studio or they give up on their practice for a few months.  They are resisting going to the very thing that may help.

Let’s get real.  I am completely aware that Bikram Yoga, done in its intended 90-minute format is a major commitment.  Between getting to the studio, taking the class, and the obvious shower you are going to need afterwards – it’s a 2 and a ½ hour chunk out of your day.  I often tell my students the hardest yoga you will ever do is getting in the car and driving to the studio.  There are days, even as a teacher, even when I need my yoga the most, when I am standing in the studio, having just taught class that the voice inside my head comes up with a ton of other things that could get done if I get in my car now instead of staying to practice. But after years of practice I tell that voice to take a backseat, I’m already sweaty for Pete’s sake and I head back into the hot room.

The thing is, if you want to get better at your postures there is no magic to it.  You simply need to show up and practice.  Sure, you can schedule a private lesson or go to a masterclass, or even go to teacher training to learn more about the yoga you have a passion for.  Yes, go to these things, they are fun and keep you interested in your practice. But the only way you get better at yoga is to simply show up and go through it.  90-minutes. 26 postures. 2 breathing exercises. Day after day after day.

Sounds boring?  It’s not.  It’s the journey of a lifetime.  There will be days you struggle and days you excel.  There will be times when you feel absolutely healed and times when you feel broken.  There will be classes full of joy and classes full of tears.

But just like my old friend that hated to audition, if you don’t show up you’ll never find out what you are truly capable of and the power that resides within you.

So, this week make it happen.  If you haven’t practiced in a while get back into the hot room.  Your teachers will be glad to see you.  Know that the time you are taking for yourself will be given back to you by the energy that will grow inside you within each class.  Your mind will be focused outside of the room as you learn to focus inside of the room and situations that used to take up tons of time, will be managed easily.  You will become a leaner, kinder, and motivated person that is ready to live their life to the fullest.  Simply because you showed up.



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