Merry Christmas to All & to All a Good Night: VFTP Year in Review

‘Twas the night before Christmas at Views from the Podium 

Not a yogi was practicing, no dialogue spoken

 The yoga mats were hung by the chimney with care

In case by chance, ninety minutes came spare

 The yogis were nestled all snug in their beds

While visions of postures danced in their heads

  Such a fascinating year, I must confess

So I’d just settled down for a nice little rest

When all of a sudden, I heard such a clatter

I peeked from savasana, to see what’s the matter

A broken yogi to fix, that’s easy to mend

It’s simple to do, just add a back bend

And then in a moment, I knew it to be

 No worries at all, I’m the master of me

Well this is awkward, with no yoga to do

It must be that time, it’s the year in review

It’s all been done, it’s all been compiled

Please click on the links, and stay for a while

 First a letter to write, to a student’s first time

Then bend it like Bikram, it works every time

A lock in the knee, and a grip to commend

Knowing of course, we’ll defend to the end

To water or not, what’s a yogi to do

It’s me versus me, on the mat next to you

 Beyond the podium, there’s more to see

What better place to be, than VFTP

Meet Rachel Kuhn, she’s one-in-a-million

She’ll feed your spirit, and feed the children

There’s Jill Weis Ippolito and Barry Peterson

And one posture at a time, with the amazing Jeanne Heaton

See beautiful transformations, there’s never a hurry

All in good time with Sara Curry

A tip of the hat, to off the mat chats

With things you can use, for this and that

A year in review, what does it do

A chance to look back, at all we’ve been through

The goal is not skinny, or how often you go

Not a destination to seek, or what you don’t know

Just show up, that’s all you need do

You might even make friends with a posture or two

When a teacher tells all, we see the improvement

 Well fancy that, here’s my favorite student

From me to you, what I wish you knew 

You’ve seen it before, but this one’s part two

For all the yoga we’ve done, we would never barter

 When we do the work in, then it’s called karma

An end to the year, a twinkling of nostalgia

 Thank you to all, you had me at savasana

Wishing this family of mine, a very cool yule

All in good company, we practice old-school

My fellow yoga teachers, my friends, my family, my students

Many thanks for reading, Views from the Podium

To the postures we’ve held, and those we still fear

There’s always another chance, so see you next year

So I spring back to bed, and bid a good night

It’s me and savasana, for the rest of the night

Keep the wishes you wish for, always in sight

Namaste to all, and to all a good night




This oh so clever post was written over the past year by my dearest friend Jane Hill of Off the Mat Chats fame!  Thank you Jane for the best Christmas gift a blogger could ever ask for!  Hope you enjoyed it VFTP Readers – happy holidays!

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to All & to All a Good Night: VFTP Year in Review

  1. This is fabulous, Jane! I also enjoyed all of the uses for vodka lol. Keep her on the payroll, Tori! I hope to see you all next week; please tell everyone Merry Christmas!

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