The Balance Between Making It Happen & Allowing It to Happen… in Yoga and in Life

Make it happen people! Make it work! Don’t be so lazy, it’s up to you to make the life you want! Make time for yourself. Make time for others. You can make it!

Good Lord, does anyone else see a problem with this? Maybe you don’t and that’s okay because there are some things in life that you have to have a “make it happen” attitude to accomplish.  You make your career happen by showing up to work.  You make your personal life happen by showing up for others.  You make your spiritual life happen by showing up for yourself.  Once you have shown up though, that’s enough “making.” Once you’ve shown up, you do your best with what you have in any given situation and you allow what is supposed to happen, to happen.

Now, please notice how I used the word “allow” instead of “make.” I did it intentionally.  So, often in our lives we think we can “make” it happen.  What “it” is will be defined by you.  Back when I was working as an actress I often had a “make it happen” attitude.  I was so cruel to myself back then.  I would force my body into the splits and through a dance rehearsal even when it was screaming at me to stop.  I would perform with the flu or a back that tweaked out the day before.  I would take the stage with sprained ankles and high kick my way through a show in 4-inch heels.  I would sing when my throat was raw and my vocal chords beyond tired. I was nuts. I was “making” it happen.  I didn’t want to be seen as weak or a problem or less talented than my peers. Usually when you are making it happen, the ego is involved.  Maybe it’s more than involved, it is more than likely running the show.

We can “make it happen” in yoga too, by working the wrong way, forcing a goal of a particular posture into play, skipping key steps along the way.  But when you finally realize that a yoga practice is something you truly want to put into your everyday life, you realize you can’t continue that way for long.  You simply come to class, do your best, take care of yourself, and allow the practice to work its magic on your life. You start to allow the changes to happen.

This can be said for your life outside of the studio as well.  You don’t have to make anything happen in your life.  You simply wake up each day, say thank you to the powers that be, and then allow life to happen.  Have integrity in your word and your actions, just as you would have integrity in a yoga posture, and your life will begin to open up in amazing ways.  The opportunities that will further you along your path will show up in your life.  Life choices are easier as you tune into that inner voice and let it guide you.

I know some of you right now are railing against me, thinking, “If I simply allow everything to happen, I will become a couch potato, or a doormat, or lose my job.” I’m not saying you should not be active in your life or that you shouldn’t have goals. I’m simply saying that maybe life doesn’t have to be so darn hard and maybe you don’t need to suffer in order for amazing things to eventually take place.  You simply need to love your Self, love others for who they are, do your best always, speak with integrity and let the Universe do its thing.

Your inner guide, your gut feelings, are there for a reason and will help lead the way.  When you start to truly tune into that, you will know the next step without having to analyze, debate, or look for alternative options.  Use your yoga practice as a chance to truly get to know You and this will become easier and easier with every breath you take.


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4 thoughts on “The Balance Between Making It Happen & Allowing It to Happen… in Yoga and in Life

  1. Your post hints at the topic of control. It’s human nature to want to control one’s fate because otherwise we are vulnerable to the whims of the universe– that big, scary unknown full of chaos! As we have been able to seemingly gain more control over our lives through science, we have been duped into believing in the value of control– total control– it’s our Western mindset to keep progressing to eradicate suffering and to wield total control over the world! That’s been seeping into our psyche through cultural conditioning for a while now. So– that “make it happen” attitude is part of the desire to gain control over our environment… get and keep control otherwise scary bad stuff might/will happen to you. In your case– push push push out of fear of failure or losing or ultimately losing control over your own life or livelihood. That “make it happen” attitude is ok in the instances you mention, but when it becomes desperate, it can be quite dangerous indeed! Allowing the universe to play itself out through us takes courage. That’s what i love about the yoga– I can “practice” being courageous and vulnerable rather than frantically trying to grasp for control over my fear– which is always existential fear. I know, perhaps a bit deep, but your article got me thinking. I enjoy your posts. Keep up the good work, yogi!

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