Go to the Workshop

You see a sign at the studio or a post to social media that a teacher you never heard of is coming to town for a workshop or posture clinic. If you attend, it will take a whole chunk out of your weekend. It also costs an extra fee. Who is this person again? Is this worth my time?

If you’ve been practicing for a while now, you know the names of some of the people in the hot yoga community that are a big deal, as they have been practicing and teaching for decades and look for them as they come to town, wanting to learn as much as possible about the yoga you love. But if you are newer to a hot yoga practice, you have no idea why attending something like this is more than a good idea – it’s a great idea.

I have, and always will be no doubt, someone that loves to learn. I also know that since yoga is actually the study of you and all that you are, that I will never be able to know enough, as each of us is constantly changing and evolving. Books are great and, yes, you can learn some things from the internet, but when it comes to learning more about asana practice, with an attempt to go deeper, lose some of your fear, some of your crazy, and reach for something stronger and more in alignment of who you want to be, you want to be at the studio learning it face to face with another human being.

What happens when you attend one of these workshops or posture clinics? The best stuff of life.

  1. You will become motivated to get to class more often, as you want to try out some of the adjustments and corrections you might receive when attending this special class.
  2. You will grow stronger. That correction you received is making you sore in the best way, waking the body up to new possibilities.
  3. You are more confident in your practice. You now know how to work and maybe what to work for within your time on the mat. It’s not that your everyday teachers are not instructing you correctly, but it’s possible that at the workshop it will be explained in a different way that makes more sense to you or makes you want to make the change in your practice you’ve been avoiding.
  4. You get to connect with other yogis. My greatest friends in life have come from the yoga studio. I often will travel out of town to work with someone I want to work with to further my practice and become a better teacher. Because of this I feel a deep connection to the community of hot yogis in my area.
  5. It’s fun! The lights get turned on in your brain and you get a fresh look at your practice, as you get to totally geek out over the new yoga info. You might leave there with titles of books you want to read and the names of other teachers that you would like to work with.

When you see that sign at your studio that someone is in town for a workshop or posture clinic, do not hesitate. If you have the tiniest bit of interest in attending, go. It will be worth it.

Here are just a few of the teachers/workshops to look for:

Lynn Whitlow        Gianna Purcell

Mary Jarvis              Kathy Durham

Craig Villani         Teri Almquist

Esak Garcia            John Salvatore

Joseph Encinia         Zeb Homison

    Diane Ducharme       Kim Tang

   Ida Jo & Scott Lamps   Benjamin Sears

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