My New Life as a Pink Lady

I was never the girl in school that was donned in pink from head to toe. My childhood room boasted the perfect shade of lavender, opting away from the pink walls that my older sister and my girlfriends all shared. I was never a pink girl.

Pink was too girly. I always preferred purples, blues, and even daring reds. As an adult, I can recall telling others how much I hated the color pink. It never looked right on me when I tried to wear it. I had a collection of clothes through the years in various shades of pink that eventually got passed on to others or thrown in a bag for Goodwill after I wore it once. The color always made me uncomfortable and never made me feel “pretty.”

This is not something I spent time thinking about. Pink simply was not in line with my preferences. If I had other options, then pink would not be the choice.

At Bikram Yoga Teacher Training I was never once referred to as, “Miss Pink,” because I simply did not own any pink yoga clothes. A few times I was called upon for correction in a posture by the name, “Hey, Miss Black & Blue,” as I rolled my eyes up towards the podium to realize, yes, Bikram Choudhury was talking to me in my blue sports bra and black shorts, and that, yes, I needed to pull my right shoulder closer to the front mirror during Half Moon Pose.

I understood being Miss Black & Blue – for whatever reason, that resonated with me. Maybe because for years I had beat myself up from the inside out. I have always been my own best bully. Aren’t we all?

But, over the last three years my disdain for the color pink has changed. Suddenly, I gravitate towards the color, shocking my greatest friend, Jane, when I showed up to yoga one day in head to toe pink.

“It’s so unlike you!” she exclaimed. Jane is a pink girl. She looks fabulous in pink and always wondered why I shied away from the color, telling me that I looked good in the shade, as I would always shrug and shake my head at her compliment.

It’s funny how you can change and evolve, even simple things, such as favorite colors, and maybe for good reason. As a yogi, color is more than a shade. If you study the Chakras you know that a person can be attracted to one color over another for certain reasons. And, you can use the colors of the chakras to help you balance your moods throughout the day. If I feel very airy fairy and distracted, I grab red, as I know it will ground me in a way other colors will not, as it is associated with the Root Chakra. If I feel dull and heavy, I do the opposite, opting for purples to lift my energy, as it stands for the Crown Chakra. And, if I feel judgmental and negative, I wrap myself in green or go for a long walk in nature, as it represents the Heart Chakra, and can help me release these feelings and thoughts. But, pink didn’t appear in the Chakra System. At least I thought it didn’t. So, I paid little attention to my newfound love for the shade.

Then, this past summer I learned that Pink actually does have a place in the Chakra System and it completely sealed the deal for pink and I. Pink is thought to be the shadow of the Heart chakra. Pink identifies and symbolizes Self Love. Cool, right?

Maybe as I have grown and worked to love my Self a little more each day through meditation and yoga, pink suddenly started calling my name. I was reaching for what I was feeling.

So, if you have never been a pink person, never cared for the color, maybe now is the time to start falling in love… with You. I find that on days I don’t feel very confident, or maybe a bit bloated, or I feel that my hair looks gross, that wearing pink, or a rose quartz mala, can remind me to not be so hard on myself.

It’s a simple trick to remember what this whole journey is about. It’s not about picking on myself for eighty to a hundred years. It’s about growth and development, and falling in love with as many people and experiences as possible, including my Self, while I am here.


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