Views from the Podium: The Life & Times of a Hot Yogi – Book Coming Soon!

The only reason I finished writing my book is because of my yoga practice. It gave me the tools to be able to go through the process that led to the moment in which I am actually standing here holding a book that I had written. Much like yoga, it took a willingness to keep showing up, even when it wasn’t easy, to get this dream of mine to come true. Writing my book, “Views from the Podium: The Life & Times of a Hot Yogi,” was hard. But it was fun and hard… much like yoga.

When I started out to tell my story I remember thinking how easy it would be. I simply needed to link together the fragments of my story that I relayed with each blog post I had already written. It would take six months, tops.

Well… here I am over three years later. It took so much longer than I thought it would. It took persistence and determination and telling a whole bunch of people ‘no’ because I NEEDED to write. It took leaps forward and starting from scratch and a willingness not to tear my hair out, but to leave it alone and try, try again until I actually liked the story I was trying to tell.  There were days I had to put the book first – over time with my family, or a conversation with a friend, or the stack of other writing I do to pay the bills, as well as, maybe letting a week pass without posting a fresh entry to the blog.

The book is a memoir in many ways, yet it is more than that. I had to go back and dig through my past and tell the story of what would make someone leave their life’s passion of singing on stage to devote themselves to sweating every single day in the heat. When I started the thought of the book I didn’t have any ending, or maybe I should say I didn’t know what the ending would be because when I started it hadn’t happened yet.

If I had written the book in six months as I intended to, it would have been so misinformed as to what the real message was. It would have been wildly different than the book I hold in my hands now and next week (ahh!!) others will also hold in their hands. The real message is this – it’s a love letter to Bikram Yoga and all of the people that teach and practice this series each week – to this incredibly diverse global community that grows and grows every day. Because I think we deserve a love letter.

I think we need spaces like the blog, and now the book, that say what we do is great and amazing and transformative and everyone has the opportunity to experience it if it calls to them. This yoga heals. It healed me in more ways than I can count. The book is my story, and the story of my students, and the story of a yoga practice that continues to thrive in the face of all odds. It’s a book meant for yogis and potential yogis, and maybe even the yogis that don’t understand why we love the twenty-six and two so much.

If you are curious I hope you read the book. If you are inspired, I hope you give it to a friend or buy them a copy. If you are a fan of the blog and been reading for a while I hope you spread the word that it’s out there. In many ways, it closes the door to the past and has helped me look with hope to the possibilities of the future. I hope it does the same for you.

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