Follow the Good Energy

From third grade on I was entered into the accelerated program at my school. I was taken out of class with a group of my peers and we would work on extra projects that would challenge us. Once we arrived in middle school we were entered into Honors Literature and Advanced Algebra and were on track to be in these classes throughout high school until we left for college.

But as I looked at my senior year schedule the summer before, I didn’t want to do it anymore. Why did I have to stress myself out with AP Lit and Trigonometry when I could simply take these classes when I was actually in college? I wasn’t inspired or excited, so I took action.

I went to my counselor and told them to take me out of these classes. I replaced them with Creative Writing, Humanities, and a class that allowed me to assist with the choirs at the middle school for credit. I took Dance instead of P.E. I already had two hours of choir on my schedule and I kept that because that was what I loved to do. And, must tell you… it was the best year.

While my honors peers freaked out during their AP testing, I was learning how to submit my poems and essays to publishers and festivals through my Creative Writing Class and how to conduct a middle school choir. I had followed my intuition, the things that brought me great joy, and felt empowered by these choices when I witnessed the alternative.

This became a theme for me. I would simply follow the good energy. I am not someone that can say it’s all about fun and having a good time, because that is not the way I am wired. I’m a little too serious and studious for that. But when making decisions about where to go in life, or who to spend my time with, I always pay attention to how I feel. If it feels good, I go there – jobs, friends, ideas, writing projects – you name it.

Every single time I didn’t listen to my gut instinct about a person or situation, I lived to regret it. I would find myself in the thick of something and think, “You knew this at the very beginning. Why didn’t you listen?” And to tell the truth, at the beginnings of the relationship or situation I had brushed it off because I felt I was being too judgmental – that everyone and every situation deserves a chance beyond what my initial gut reaction may be. But through the years I have learned that my gut is always, and I mean always, right. Eerily right, in fact.

It’s not that I don’t give people a chance or that I instantly run away from a situation that might cause stress. That’s not what I’m talking about. Everyone deserves a chance to evolve into their best Self and who am I to tell you whether you’ve arrived or not? Sometimes one person’s energy simply doesn’t match with another person’s energy and that’s okay. And I will give you a fresh shot to be your best Self and try to balance our energies out every time I come in contact with you. I am patient. I will wait for as long as it takes. And while I wait I will spend time seeking the good energy. ‘Cause that’s where it’s at.

When you have a yoga or meditation practice, it’s easier to tune into the good energy because you spend time tuning into your Self. You know what feels good and what doesn’t, because you took the time to notice.

Following the good energy allows the whole world to open up for you. Doors that you didn’t even know existed start to open up and you get the chance to step through them and discover even more about your Self and what is possible on the road ahead.

So, tune in now. Take that time on your mat and turn it into a place to cultivate an inner knowing that will never steer you wrong. It’s one of those unexpected benefits you get from your yoga practice – including, health, peace of mind, less stress, the satisfaction of crushing goals, walking taller, and falling in love with your Self and your life… to name just a few.


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