It’s Getting Hot in Here. New book: Views from the Podium: The Life & Times of a Hot Yogi – now available!

A sometimes successful, sometimes struggling musical theater actress, Tori Hicks, finds herself in a hot yoga class in 2005 to break a light sweat and get a good stretch in the hopes it would make her feel lighter on her feet and more limber before, yet another, upcoming dance audition. What proceeds is a journey she could never have predicted for herself. From her own account of how her life was healed through this simple, yet challenging, yoga practice, to the account of five other yoga students from every walk of life. Views from the Podium, sheds a positive light on what it means to be a devoted hot yogi.

“The intention of this book, much like my blog by the same name, is to get more people to get to the studio each day. The Original Hot Yoga, or Bikram Yoga, is a healing therapy that benefits anyone that is willing to give it a try and commit to a regular practice.”

A regular practitioner of yoga since 2005, Tori is a dedicated yoga instructor that believes in the power of this transformative practice. Certified to teach Bikram Yoga, the Original Hot Yoga, after graduating from an intense nine-week, 500-hour training program in 2011, as well as, acquiring 120-hour certification to teach Next Level 90 Intermediate Ghosh Yoga in 2017, Tori is continually excited to teach each day and is always looking for the next learning experience, often taking time away to work with the best of the best in the yoga world. In 2013, Tori realized the need for a positive presence on the web for hot yogis to visit in order to stay motivated to head to the studio day after day. With that thought, she created, Views from the Podium, a blog site that works to inspire and teach yoga enthusiasts across the globe.

Here are what people are saying about this new hot yoga book:

“Highly recommend this book. Like most good things, it is engaging on several levels.”

“Views from the Podium, is an absolute treat for a yogi or for any one doing the messy work that is required when becoming the best version of yourself.”

“So, long story short — I loved the book! However, I made the mistake of starting this at around 1am in the morning (hoping to get sleepy and get some rest!)…it didn’t work. I kept getting more and more interested in the story and found myself reliving my own journey as a practitioner and a teacher. It was a lovely read, and I’ve already recommended it to several of my yoga classes and students!”

“Highly recommended. Tori is an honest writer and this book leaves you inspired to hurry out and take class!”

For more on Tori go to:,


The book is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions here. If you are outside of the USA, please go to your Amazon site and search for: Views from the Podium: The Life & Times of a Hot Yogi.

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