Dream a Little Dream

Baby steps. That is what yoga has taught me most. Life goals happen in small increments. In the age where, “Law of Attraction,” is dropped on the daily and we have been taught that if we think it, then it will come, I’m going to tell you something much different this week.

It is not only about thinking about what you want to bring into your life. It is so much more active than that. To achieve a goal, you have to take one tiny step toward that goal as often as possible.

Think about your first yoga class. Were you naturally a rock star? Probably not. Very few people walk into a yoga class and “get it” on their first try. You might have gotten some of it, but some concepts flew right over your head as you simply tried to survive the hour, or hour and a half, on your mat.

If you have been practicing for a while now, you know that things have changed. You worked to understand the focus and look of a posture, the stamina involved in holding the shape with controlled breath, and what it would take to continue to deepen the intensity and receive as much therapeutic benefit from it as possible. Your Triangle Pose today looks wildly different from your Triangle pose five years ago. How did you get there? Baby steps. One class at a time. One question at a time and the search for its answer.

And that is key. Instead of some crazy windfall of fortune and opportunity that we are unprepared for, the baby steps help us prepare for the life we are working towards. No matter what the life goal may be, reaching for it a little bit more every day is consistently telling the body, the mind, and the Universe that the goal is not only what you want to create, but that you are preparing your Self for it’s coming. When it arrives, you will be ready and know how to handle the situation with grace.

Your body and mind five years ago wasn’t ready for the Triangle Pose of today. So, why then, do we continue to wonder why other things in life are not showing up right now? If it’s not here yet, you are not ready for it yet. So, keep preparing. Stay with it – if it is what you really want for you, if you can picture it, then it will come. If it was impossible, you wouldn’t have even thought of it.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I always have some crazy goal or dream that I’m going after and I have found the process in achieving them is usually the same again and again:

  1. A dream or goal presents itself to me. I usually am not actively looking for these things, but suddenly I’ll come up with an idea and I just can’t shake it, or an opportunity drops into my lap, so I know that is what is next.
  2. I start thinking about what I would need to do to get to the other side of that goal.How much time each day can I give to it? 5 minutes? An hour? 6 hours? I give what I can to it at that time. If it is truly what is meant for me, I will start to give it more and more time and start saying no to the things in life that are getting in the way.
  3. Have faith. There will be times your dream will be tested. This is not a negative thing. It’s just the Universe saying, “Are you sure?” Figure out what needs to get out of the way or what you need to let go of to make more room for the goal to be achieved.
  4. Sit in silence and visualize the goal achieved.What does life look like on the other side when the work is finished? Give gratitude not for the work you need to do to get there, but gratitude for the goal already being achieved. It sounds wacky, but it will help to speed things along. If you are showing gratitude for a life you are working towards it can’t help but happen for you. Gratitude is a major part of The Law of Attraction that most people miss out on.
  5. Do not let the dream collect dust.When I was writing my first book, there were times within the three years it took me that I could not work on the manuscript for weeks on end. Life was happening and getting in the way. But I still talked about the book, imagined the book, thought about next steps with the book, and had an inner knowing that I would get it accomplished. I refused for the dust to collect on it even when I couldn’t sit down and get the words on paper. This is just one example of this.
  6. Keep going.The time will pass anyway. At the end of your life don’t you want to look back at your journey and see everything you did do, as opposed to what you gave up on?

Whether the goal is a yoga posture, a vocation, a new pair of shoes, or a wild trip around the world, know that it is all possible, but there will be some work involved. This is usually the fun work. It’s the work you look back on and say, “Remember when?” Remember when you couldn’t even consider that yoga posture, or having the job you do today, or what it would be like to walk in these shoes, or to breathe in the air of a country you never stepped foot in before?

I’m telling you, on the other side of your goal or dream life is pretty great and it doesn’t end there. What will you dream, once the dream you’re working towards is achieved? Because there is always another dream, another goal, something new to create. That is what we came here for. Wake up to that, and you wake up to Life.


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