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The best adventures are the ones you never see coming. A sometimes successful, sometimes struggling musical theater actress, Tori Hicks, finds herself in a hot yoga class in 2005 to break a light seat and get a good stretch in the hopes it would make her feel lighter on her feet and more limber before, yet another, upcoming dance audition. What proceeds is a journey she could never have predicted for herself. From her own account of how her life was healed through this simple, yet challenging yoga practice, to the account of five other yoga students from every walk of life, Views from the Podium, sheds a positive light on what it means to be a devoted hot yogi.

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“I have been practicing Bikram yoga for the past two years. Tori’s book does a great job of capturing the challenge and the magic of this unique form of yoga. Something about what happens inside that hot room is different than anything I have ever experienced with yoga before. Tori’s personal story reminded me of the similar struggles I had in my earlier years. Read this book. Try this yoga. You will never be the same again.” – Marie L.

“I have loved reading Views from the Podium. Tori tells an inspiring, true tale of her own life, weaving her way through your heart, and leaves you feeling like you just made a new best friend. The willingness to tell her truth is a lesson in trust, kindness, and compassion for our own selves as well as others. And she shines the same light on her students, lending their own journeys of courage and inspiration. It’s a lovely piece of work.” – Alison O.

“A wonderful story that sheds light on the trials and tribulations of life and how yoga can really impact all facets of one’s being. An important lesson in yoga really does work – if you let it! As someone who likes to research everything and anything before trying it out, this book provides you with a clear insight on what it is to practice Bikram yoga. Highly recommended to all yogis!” – Katie

“So, long story short — I loved the book! However, I made the mistake of starting this at around 1am in the morning (hoping to get sleepy and get some rest!)…it didn’t work. I kept getting more and more interested in the story and found myself reliving my own journey as a practitioner and a teacher. It was a lovely read, and I’ve already recommended it to several of my yoga classes and students!” – Kristin H.

“Love Tori’s journey on how she found hot yoga and how it enlightened her life in a multi-faceted way… inspirational, personal and authentic.” – B. Sharif