Healthy Skin, Healthy Body



Here are some ways to keep that promise:

Begin Your Day With Something Green

Make a green smoothie or a green juice for breakfast. This is a great way to supply antioxidants, nutrients, and overall good stuff to your body. Try Toris Green Juice for a great way to start your day.

Brush Your Skin

Considering that our skin is the largest organ of elimination, brushing it with a dry skin brush is a super way to eliminate toxins, dead skin cells, and wastes from our body. It stimulates the lymphatic system and increases circulation. It’s a totally invigorating experience.


What you need:

All you need is a good, high-quality dry skin brush made from natural materials.

What to do:

Before bathing, use the brush on your dry skin. Start at your feet and ankles and brush upwards in long, straight movements. Always brush towards your heart. Then brush up your arms from your fingers towards your shoulders in long, straight movements. Next, use the brush in circular, clockwise movements on your stomach and armpits. Brush gently at first and work up to a firmer pressure over time. Always brush gently in the armpit area. For more detailed instructions and a video tutorial, check out: Dry Skin Brushing: What Is It & How To Do It by Ashley Greens Life.

Shower after.

Repeat Daily.

Take An Epsom Salt Bath

Soaking in an Epsom Salt Bath helps breakdown the build-up of lactic acid that causes us muscle pain, while reducing muscle inflammation. This is a great way to rejuvenate your body.


What to do:

Add at least 1 cup of Epsom Salt to running bath water. Mix in some coconut or olive oil, if you like. Perhaps add a few drops of essential oils such as lavender, which is famous for relieving stress and tension as well as reducing inflammation of sore and stiff muscles.

Relax and enjoy!

Actively Sweat Once A Day

Deep sweating has great benefits. It can help reduce levels of lead, copper, nickel, mercury, zinc, and other chemicals. When your body sweats, the skin is cleansed and the dead skin cells are replaced. Circulation improves. This itself can help fight off illness. You might also find that your sleep habits improve.



What to do:

  • Go directly to your nearest Bikram Yoga Studio and do all the sweating you can manage.
  • Take a sauna. Once you start sweating, stay in the sauna for as long as comfortable.

Here’s an extra tip. When you’ve finished deep sweating it’s a good idea to get yourself into cold water! This will close your pores and pull the blood back to your organs, reinforcing your natural immunity. It’s like boot-camp for your immune system!

Rehydrate after.





Here is a bit of science behind the benefits of heat conditioning, documented by Dr. Rhonda Patrick:

Natural Growth Hormone Production:

Taking two 20-minute sauna sessions, separated by a 30-minute cooling down period

elevated growth hormone levels two-fold over baseline. What’s perhaps more

amazing, is that over a seven day period, after two one-hour heat conditioning

sessions, there was a 16-fold increase in growth hormone by the third day.

It was reported that those benefits last for about two hours after heat conditioning.

Increased Endurance:

Heat conditioning increases the volume of blood flow to the heart and increases

overall plasma volume, giving you cardiovascular benefits that reduce strain and

lower your heart rate.

Faster Recovery:

Using heat, increases blood flow to your muscles and keeps them fueled with glucose,

oxygen, and fatty acids while removing lactic acid. This reduce your muscles

dependence on your glycogen stores.

 Increased Insulin Sensitivity:

Insulin levels in diabetic mice decreased by 31% while doing 30-minutes of heat treatments, 3 times a week for 12 weeks.

Detoxify Your Skin

Because your skin is the largest organ of elimination of your body, it makes sense to keep it clean and free from toxins.

Try this Vodka Body Scrub! Unusual ingredients? Yes! … Effective? Definitely!

This scrub will remove any toxins left on the skin from lack of sweating or from not cleansing thoroughly enough. And it will not rob your body of its natural oils. The link above details the benefits of the body scrub. It also explains how it can help your skin absorb the natural vitamin D rays from the sun more effectively and without burning.



This article was contributed by Jane Hill – fierce Bikram Yogi, lover of all things natural, and my best yoga buddy. Look for more articles by Jane in the Off the Mat Chats section of Views From the Podium!

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