Get Your Sun On

Little Miss Sunshine 93 Million Miles Away With Perfect Aim


Our sun is a massive source of energy that keeps our bones strong, our health vibrant, and our disposition, um, well … sunny!

And regular sun exposure is the single, simple, most natural way to get all the Vitamin D our body needs, and it doesn’t cost a penny. It truly is one of The Best Six Doctors Anywhere. (Best Six Doctors Anywhere article)

“Infrared radiation from the sun has a healing effect on our bodies. It warms us, penetrates deep into our body and heals us from the inside.” – Uwe Larstadt, author, 98.6

Sunshine My Favorite Accessory

Here are 10 benefits of a moderate amount of sun exposure

  1. Sunlight partnered with whole foods is beneficial for cancers, including breast cancer.
  2. Sunlight kills bad bacteria.
  3. Sunlight is beneficial for skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and fungal infections.
  4. Sunlight lowers cholesterol.
  5. Sunlight lowers blood pressure.
  6. The sun is able to deeply penetrate the skin to cleanse the blood.
  7. Sunlight increases oxygen content in human blood.
  8. Sunlight helps build the immune system.
  9. Regular sunlight exposure ensures proper growth in children.
  10. Sunlight has a positive effect on depression.

Secrets of the Sun

Our body’s primary source of Vitamin D is produced through the skin. Getting Vitamin D through our food doesn’t compare to what the sun can do.

“Vitamin D is absolutely vital for our bones, nerves, skin, hair, and our psyche. It is an important factor in more than 200 metabolic processes and is one of the most important substances for preventing cancer. Our bodies generate between 10,000 – 20,000 international units (I.U.) every day when exposed to solar radiation.” (source: 98.6 F)

If your interested in further reading, check out The Healing Sun: Sunlight and Health in the 21st Century  and Dark Deception.

Rays Awareness

Can’t live with it? … Can’t live without it?

The first thing many of us do before we go out into the sunshine is bury our skin from head to toe in sunscreen.

“If the sun was REALLY causing skin cancer, and if sunscreen prevented it, we’d be cancer-free by now. We’re already spending less time outside than ever, and wasting billions of dollars a year on needless, dangerous creams and lotions. And skin cancer rates are rising at a record pace.” 


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Sunshine and Happiness

Is sunblock a buzz kill?

This describes the relationship between sunlight, melatonin, and serotonin

Melatonin = Sleep 

Serotonin = Awake and Good Mood

The sun comes up, serotonin levels increase and melatonin secretion decreases.

The sun goes down, serotonin levels decrease and melatonin secretion increases.

So the question is, are we reducing our happiness and even bringing on sadness by slathering on sunscreen and protecting our skin from UV light?

Sunscreen may not be the friend you thought.

Three Major Problems with Sunscreen:

  1. It blocks our skin’s ability to make Vitamin D by more than 95%
  1. Many sunscreens contain toxic chemicals that are absorbed into our skin with significant penetration throughout our entire system.
  1. Pick a number and guess your SPF. Check out the SPF math: If you use half an ounce of SPF 70, you don’t get half the SPF of 35, you get and SPF of 8.4. And the higher the SPF, the less reliable it seems.

“Sunscreens protect agains sunburn, but there is not evidence that they protect against basal cell carcinoma or melanoma. Problems lie in the behavior of individuals who use sunscreens to stay out longer in the sun…” ~ The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

What goes on your body, goes in it! Whats in your Sunscreen?

Here is a guide to safe sunscreens and why chemical sunscreens are NOT your best bet. And Biohazard: Treat As Hazardous Waste offers further reading.

Also,check out how “healthy” sunscreens accelerate the aging of our skin.

Here are some of the best natural products I’ve found:

  • Coconut Oil – I always have this on no matter what (SPF of around 7)

Eat Your Sunscreen

Protect yourself from the inside out:

Protective Supplements:

  • Vitamin D3 This shows that supplementing with Vitamin D3 is protective against sunburn and skin caner.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil – Take it by the tablespoon by itself, or in your coffee
  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil / Butter Blend This is the best one I’ve found.

Protective Foods:

The best diet for natural sun protection is focusing on an anti-inflammatory diet including, but not limited to:

  • Wild fish, including salmon and rainbows trout
  • Colorful veggies such as red peppers and carrots
  • Blackberries and other berries
  • Avocado
  • Eggs
  • Spinach
  • Healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive oil and/or grass-fed butter
  • Reduce Omega-6’s and Increase Omega-3”s

Practice Safe Sun

Best recommendations: Detox your skin regularly. Get outside more, not less. And head indoors or cover up when your skin starts to turn pink.

Prepare your skin for the sun

The Vodka Face and Body Scrub is the best method I’ve found to prepare the body for absorbing the beneficial rays of the the sun, and here is why. This scrub will remove any toxins left on the skin from lack of sweating or from not cleansing thoroughly enough, leaving the skin better able to absorb the natural vitamin D rays from the sun without burning.

Cover up

Once you’ve had you enough Vitamin D for the day, and you’re staying outside and worried about burning up, use physical barriers like shirts, hats, umbrellas. This is the better way to impede the sunlight rather than slathering your skin with powerful chemicals.

I never saw a setting sun that did not come back without morning healing under her wings

~ unknown

Stay On The Sunny Side Of Life!


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This article was contributed by Jane Hill – fierce Bikram Yogi, lover of all things natural, and my best yoga buddy. Look for more articles by Jane in the Off the Mat Chats section of Views From the Podium! 

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